Premiere: Otis Simpson’s Mighty Debut Single “Army” Channels Tension into a Confident Cry

Army - Otis Simpson
Otis Simpson emerges with his emphatic debut “Army,” a spirited assertion of confidence bathed in elegant explosions of personal and instrumental might.

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It was important to me that the song was bold, brash and uncompromising in its soulful roots.

With golden pipes backed by the vocal power of Sparta, Otis Simpson is destined to be a great singer – and nothing in this world will stop him. The London artist emerges today with his emphatic debut single “Army,” a spirited assertion of confidence bathed in elegant explosions of personal and instrumental might.

Stream: “Army” – Otis Simpson

Army - Otis Simpson

Army – Otis Simpson

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Otis Simpson’s debut single “Army,” out February 8, 2019. “I’ve got to get me something, get me something good… I see it in your eyes; you’d stop me if you could,” Simpson sings in an entrance that stops us in our tracks. A raw piano backs the singer as he begins his dynamic onslaught, but it’s not long before a full band’s worth of keys, backing singers, brass, and woodwinds announce themselves with spirited intensity.

“With ‘Army’ I wanted to make a statement of intent,” Simpson tells Atwood Magazine. “It was important to me that the song was bold, brash and uncompromising in its soulful roots. Currently I’m not really hearing anything that’s representing me or my emotions and with all my music and songs, each one is just another slice of my mind, or as I like to think of them, a snapshot into my head. That’s why I can’t understand when artists limit themselves to a specific genre or style; I couldn’t do that if I tried because I have to feel the music and each emotion creates a different genre, thus a different type of song.”

No, an army won’t stop me
from getting to you
no rockets won’t rule me
‘Cause I found my way through
No, an army won’t stop me
Bullets won’t block me
Rockets won’t blow me
‘Cause I found my way through!
Otis Simpson © 2019

Otis Simpson © 2019

“Army” is the perfect introduction for Simpson; the powerhouse singer presents his impressive vocal range and raw might in a song that can apply as much to love, as it can any task, goal, and hardship. This is a song of perseverance; the kind of track you’ll likely hear a sports team walk out to.

For Simpson, “Army” comes from a place of tension; it is his cathartic release. “I suppose on the day of writing ‘Army’ I was feeling frustrated with my situation and wanted to channel that frustration into something positive. “An Army won’t stop me getting to you” I think is as much a line of self re-assurance as it is one of confidence. It’s loud and direct, but really it’s abstract and not directed at anybody specific; it’s as much a cry for help as it is a cry to battle.

Otis Simpson © 2019

Otis Simpson © 2019

“As I said before, music is very much an outlet and to me creating music is the easiest and most natural way I’ve found of clearing my mind. Soul music was never a choice – my voice naturally fit there and it’s something I’ve grown up listening to and believing I was meant to do. Therefore I choose ‘Army’ as the first single to release as it’s a good introduction point to me as an artist and as I grow as an artist and release more music, I wanted my foundation song to be rooted in a place of honesty.”

While he wears the “soul” badge well, Otis Simpson is so much more than a “soul” artist – and to diminish him to that one genre, or to any one label, is a severe disservice as much to him and his music, as it is to the rock, pop, R&B, singer/songwriter and more elements that can be found in his nascent repertoire.

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Stream: “Army” – Otis Simpson

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Army - Otis Simpson

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