Premiere: Love Hurts So Good in Apropos’ “Talk Like That” ft. Isaiah Dreads

Apropos © 2018
Apropos © 2018
Apropos captures love’s mystique and allure in his second song “Talk Like That” ft Isaiah Dreads, a sultry drop of neo soul burning with lust and longing.
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What is it about smooth beats, sweet harmonies, and slick rhythms that provokes a sultry sensation? Why is it about soulful R&B vibes that tickles our passion? Love works in mysterious ways; it doesn’t try to make sense, and it never will. Apropos captures love’s mystique and allure in his second single “Talk Like That” featuring Isaiah Dreads, a rich and sultry drop of neo soul burning with lust and longing.

It’s the musical equivalent of falling head over heels.

Help me get this off my chest,
I don’t get it
Thinking ’bout you I’m a mess,
I’ll admit it,
Ain’t the way that you undress,
Not complaining,
But you make me weak at the knees,
Whenever you speak,
Don’t know what you’re doing to me,
Listen: “Talk Like That” – Apropos ft. Isaiah Dreads
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Apropos’ sophomore single “Talk Like That,” featuring up-and-coming UK emcee Isaiah Dreads. The follow-up to his lush and lauded debut single “She Makes Me,” “Talk Like That” finds Detroit-born, London-based singer/songwriter Apropos surrendering himself to the binds of love. Sonically similar to early Justin Timberlake, Apropos sings with his heart on his sleeve, giving himself up to the music inside. The former lead singer of Detroit band SOUL DIVIDE is gearing up to release his cleverly-titled debut solo album (Verse)atility in late 2018, and if its first two tracks are any indication, this record promises to resonate with deep, undulating grooves and equally heavy emotional indulgence.

Talk Like That - Apropos ft. Isaiah Dreads
Talk Like That – Apropos ft. Isaiah Dreads
Wooop! No no way,
Ya Naughty talking got me excited
Ya lips are trippin on me ya know
But your bodies talkin’ different language
I never knew I could speak

“I had so much fun recording this track in Blackpool and London,” Apropos recalls to Atwood Magazine. “I feel so blessed and truly thankful that AZTX and Danny Wilkin believed in me to cut this record. Isaiah is my brother, and his delivery is impeccable.”

Fusing inner turmoil into your art can be endless rewarding, as it offers a vessel to relieve you of that tension and stress. Apropos harnesses the vibes of late ’90s and early ’00s R&B/pop crossovers in crafting “Talk Like That,” lending his music a nostalgia that fits perfectly into the mindset of longing for that which you can’t quite reach – of craving something out of your control, and not quite knowing when or if it will come back to you again.

Apropos © 2018
Apropos © 2018
Everytime you talk like that it’s so mean
I don’t understand why you act so keen,
It ain’t the way you touch
that’s pulling me in,

But Baby When you
Talk like that I run right back.
When you talk like that it’s so mean
I don’t understand
why you act so keen,

These dirty little words
you’re putting on me,

Baby when you talk like that
Talk like that It’s so mean…

All of this tension and emotion sees its full transcendence in Isaiah Dreads’ quick-tongued verse; he takes that sensation of feeling undone by another, and magnifies it ten times over. He smartly marries individually-driven desire with spellbound wanting to make us wonder, quite fittingly (or apropos, if you will…) who’s really in control.

Love is a vicious, funny thing. It can be torture, stinging our souls… but we crave it still, because it hurts so good. Stream Apropos’ “Talk Like That” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from the jaw-dropping singer as he nears the release of debut album (Verse)atility!

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Talk Like That - Apropos ft. Isaiah Dreads

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