Today’s Song: Alec Wigdahl Enthralls With “Summer Is Over”

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19-year-old alt-pop artist Alec Wigdahl jovially reflects on the whimsical nature of summer on “Summer Is Over”
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Summer is Over - Alec WigdahlPop music often gets a bad rap. Seen by many as a genre that’s driven by big business, not artistry, sometimes genuinely inventive music that still fits within the genre gets immediately discounted as derivative and dull. Thankfully, electrifying artists like Alec Wigdahl are delivering delightfully inventive music that proves that pop isn’t a dirty word.

With “Summer Is Over“, Wigdahl playfully shies away from taking himself too seriously. Throughout he skilfully employs energizing production and dreamy lyricism to perfectly encapsulate the ambience of endless sun-soaked summer days. Paradoxically, the track feels freakish familiar yet effervescently exciting. His absorbing vocal inflection seemingly incorporates a multitude of different intertwined emotions simultaneously, showcasing an inciting depth of emotion. His almost conversational style of lyricism, coupled with his untainted frankness, immediately make his music feel warmly welcoming.

Somehow simultaneously polished and scintillating, “Summer Is Over” embodies a sort of indescribable yet wholly relatable feeling that many of his contemporaries fail to capture as impeccably. While his lyricism isn’t as direct as on his previous singles, the ambiguity embodied within the track doesn’t taint the track’s sincerity. His willingness to diverge from purely chronicling woes of heartbreak emphasizes his passion and drive for encapsulating accessible yet abstract emotions.

‘Summer Is Over’ serves as the follow-up to Wigdahl’s astonishing single “Lipstick”, an enthrallingly jubilant pop ballad. Driven by soulful guitar licks and enrapturing lyricism, “Lipstick” sees Wigdahl capture the boundless adoration that accompanies the early stages of a budding romance. While “Lipstick” may see Wigdahl draw inspiration from a path that’s often walked by his contemporaries, his unique talent and palpable charm still make it an engrossing listen.

With all of his releases, Wigdahl seemingly effortlessly incorporates a sense of playful spontaneity that’s often infused with a hard-hitting sincerity. The future is undoubtedly bright for this extraordinary artist who continually excites and amazes.

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Summer is Over - Alec Wigdahl

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