Today’s Song: A Sultry Tale of Infatuation on Baseball Game’s “Woman”

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Soft-spoken and dreamy, Baseball Game manages to capture the feeling of wonderment and ache with latest single “Woman.”
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Listen: “Woman” – Baseball Game

Is it love or is it infatuation? Does this person provide a sense of comfort and affection or are they simply used to fill a void? The two can often bewilder many, leaving heartache in its path once the unfortunate truth is revealed. Baseball Game delves into this feeling with “Woman,” bringing a dreamy touch to an otherwise nightmarish scenario.

Woman – Baseball Game

The duo Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett make Baseball Game. Though new to the music scene, their sound is a fresh sound and one that stays within the heads of listeners far after the music has stopped. Their debut single, “Feelings,” introduced the almost whispered vocals of Carpenter and the gentle melodies they both conjure, and “Woman” illuminates this style with a soft but firm presence.

Hidden in the light
Fluorescent eyes
Lonely in the meantime
Ooh ooh

Breezy guitar licks start the song off on a lush note, the vocals soon joining, caressing the ears as they make their entrance. An understated bass rhythm in the foreground, though light, adds an alluring texture to the song, and as it plays with the now joining synths, hypnotic swirls of soundwaves pour in. Each note hit only adds to a listener’s trance, something the band had in mind when making the song.

Gutsy, but you won’t try
Give me a message
A sign

“We wanted the song musically to feel like we were in a trance,” explain the duo in a statement. Their want was fulfilled; “Woman” is an intoxicating ballad of ache and of beauty. As this story of wanton love nears its end, a backing harmony coalesces with the onrush of instrumentation. The result is an ending brimming with passion that flows with grace and style. An abrupt ending occurs as the last note is hit. A quick finish for a quick love. Fitting, and one that only leaves listeners pressing the repeat button for hours on end.

Ooh ooh
Woman on my mind, stay
Ooh ooh
Reaching for the repeat button

Baseball Game is slowly proving to be an act to follow, and despite only having two tracks out at the moment, the anticipation for their self-titled debut EP only grows. Fans can expect to listen to it in its entirety on August 7, but until then, comfort can be found in the velvety touch that “Woman” provides.

Listen: “Woman” – Baseball Game

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