Premiere: “Baby How’s Your Day,” JOYNER’s Dreamy Escape

You know when love allows you to escape time? Indie pop sister duo JOYNER put that feeling into song with “Baby How’s Your Day.”

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There is a specific feeling you get when you are with the person you love. That feeling that time doesn’t really matter, because when you’re with them – they are all that matters. JOYNER capture the essence of that feeling with new dreamy single “Baby How’s Your Day.”

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Baby How’s Your Day,” taken from indie pop duo JOYNER’s self-titled debut EP (independently released May 18, 2018). The song begins with simple piano chords, paced out slowly and delicately with intermittent guitar licks. Summer and Torrey Joyner’s voices join together introduce us to the first verse,

Baby how’s your day,
tell me all about it, ah
See me every day never go
without it never go without it
Baby how’s your day,
tell me all about it,
tell me all about it,
tell me all about it
See me every day never go
without it, never go without it
JOYNER Cover Art
Joyner EP – JOYNER

The sister’s harmonies are so seamless they almost sound as one voice. The fact they aren’t is what makes their sound so impactful. The lyrics matched with the effortless synth pop sound traveling in and out of those simple piano chords to a more rhythmic driven track is what allows you to do just what the lyrics are suggesting – escape. JOYNER says of the music, “We started with this song as an acoustic demo. From the beginning, there was something we loved about it, and when we built up the song up with our producer Bill Lefler, that love took on a whole new meaning. The emotion behind it was elevated for us with the music bed supporting the curves, layers and depth of what the song really means.” The Pre-Chorus and Chorus pick up momentum as the JOYNER sing out,

You can see me with the lights down,
flicker with the lights out
You can see me in your mind now,
always on your mind now
See me with the lights down,
flicker with the lights out
See me in your mind now
I know you know, ah
I know you know, ah

As the sisters put it, “‘Baby How’s Your Day’ is a romantic song about being in love and that time and place where it’s you and that person that makes nothing else exists.” While the lyrics may seem subtle, they have incredible meaning when you think about them within the context of the song. “The words are simple, but love is simple, and this song takes us to that place. It’s our favorite song on our EP,” says the sisters.  That is exactly what they have captured, the simplicity of love and how when you have it – and how when you’re completely enthralled in it, everything else – such as time – becomes simple too. The bridge epically breaks down encouraging listeners to feel the ease of the words. Stripping it back down to its acoustic roots JOYNER sings out,

In the morning
In the day oh
With the lights low

“Baby How’s Your Day” is a dreamy pop ballad that has the legs to stick. JOYNER is a powerful duo giving off major Lana Del Ray with a dash of Tegan and Sara vibes. We should all be excited to hear what these girls do next, until then, “Baby How’s Your Day” on repeat.

Watch: “Baby How’s Your Day” – JOYNER

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JOYNER Cover Art

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