Premiere: In “Dear To Me,” Babyblu Finds Love and Lives in the Moment

“Dear To Me” knows not to take moments for granted, and does everything to live inside these important moments.

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Freezing perfect moments: where does the dream end and reality begin? How does one even begin to figure it all out? Tampa native and Atwood Magazine favorite Babyblu aims to achieve this through his nuanced music; his newest video for his single “Dear To Me,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, puts visuals to the sentiment.

Watch: “Dear To Me” – Babyblu

When Atwood Magazine first premiered “Dear To Me” in March, we acknowledged Babyblu’s (Dylan McBrayer) inherent knack for sentient song making, as the track navigated through an unfading romance with tangible emotion, stringing along the dichotomic frenetic and forthright dynamism of a relationship with lush synthetic tones and impassioned vocals. “Dear To Me” found itself delineating redolent feelings about being in love, never shying away from expressing the truth.

How can I freeze a moment in time?
‘Cause you’re so dear to me,
And I feel so alive.
How can I stop and take my time?
When you’re so dear to me,
And I need you by my side.

In the single’s accompanying video, which also marks Babyblu’s debut visual work, we find McBrayer ostensibly alone, oscillating between an arcade, at home, and driving the open Florida road. We then see an anonymous woman, always standing near McBrayer, capturing his attention. She is alluring, providing intrigue to him and to us. As it progresses, her significance becomes more apparent, and we as viewers are equally drawn to acknowledging her presence.

Dear to Me - Babyblu still
Dear to Me – Babyblu still

Throughout the video, we are continually enticed, as McBrayer and the mystery woman – played  by his real-life girlfriend and inspiration for the song, Celeste – are magnetically drawn to one another: chatting on a porch, swimming, playing games together. At the song’s peak, they finally unite – passionately kissing in a field, in a pool, and at the arcade, as the song notes feelings of being “so alive.” “Dear To Me” encapsulates the best parts of finding love and comfort in a significant other, and its accompanying visual only furthers this ideal.

“Dear To Me” never feigns its authenticity; contrarily, it feels wholly embodying of true affection without ever seeming trite or insincere. The song, and its accompanying music video, maintain a sentience that palpably enchanting; it explicates a unique yet universal relational feeling of wanting to stop time, only if for a moment. “Dear To Me” knows not to take moments for granted, and does everything to live inside these important moments.

Watch the video for “Dear To Me” now, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Dear to Me - Babyblu

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