Premiere: Brett Naucke Marries Mind and Music with “Hallucinations II”

Brett Naucke EMS Hallucinations press photo (courtesy of the artist)
“Hallucinations II” is a kinetic passage in Brett Naucke’s ‘EMS Hallucinations’, featuring classic Buchla bongo sounds, fluttering synth lines, and glistening sonic textures in a tight, psychedelic composition.
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Chicago electronic musician Brett Naucke is a sound artist inspired by the mind. He’s built a career sonically re-creating memories, dreams and altered brain states. Previously, his records have been personal narrative works. His album Seed was the result of daily ritual DMT ingestion and his album The Mansion reflected on a childhood home.

EMS Hallucinations - Brett Naucke

EMS Hallucinations – Brett Naucke

Naucke’s latest venture is an album titled EMS Hallucination set to drop on September 11th via American Dreams. EMS Hallucination marks a rich cumulation of Naucke’s years of experience working, studying and experimenting with electronics (he often beta-tested firmware for Eurorack companies like Make Noise) and takes a slightly different approach to his earlier works. Instead of representing intimate moments and memories, on EMS Hallucination, the intimacy is the music and it’s delicate nuance.

All you analog synth heads already understand what makes this record a fascinating venture, but for everyone else, let’s take a closer look: EMS Hallucination is a musing on Naucke’s residency at Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion aka EMS. Founded in 1964 as a public studio primarily for electro-acoustic and electronic music, EMS is one of few places where musicians can access and record on two rare, foundational synthesizer systems: the Buchla 200 and a Serge Modular. Naucke’s creation very clearly pulls inspiration from both his predecessors⏤artists like Pauline Oliveros, Ruth White, Morton Subotnick⏤ and contemporary dance music. The album is two magnetic side-long compositions, but to tease the album, Naucke edited down two sections from side one into singles.

Atwood is proud to be premiering Naucke’s video for “Hallucinations II,” the latest single off his upcoming album. A kinetic passage into the album, “Hallucinations II” features Buchla bongo sounds, fluttering synth lines, and glistening sonic textures in a tight, psychedelic composition. Fittingly, Naucke has paired the section’s audio with evocative, miasmic video synth work by Cinema.av’s Evan Henry, making for an engrossing multimedia experience.

Watch Brett Naucke’s video for his latest single, “Hallucinations II”, off his soon-to-be-released LP EMS Hallucination exclusively on Atwood Magazine below!

Stream: “Hallucinations II” – Brett Naucke

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EMS Hallucinations - Brett Naucke

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