“Timeless, Passionate, & Breathtaking”: NoLa’s Britti Spills Her Soul in ‘Hello, I’m Britti.’ a Smoldering Coming-of-Age Debut

Britti © Jim Herrington
Britti © Jim Herrington
Soulful, seductive, and smoldering, ‘Hello, I’m Britti.’ proves an instantly memorable debut as New Orleans singer/songwriter Britti channels her coming-of-age struggles into beautifully radiant, resonant songs.
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This is my love letter to the world, allowing people to see me so they can feel seen. I hope to redefine the perception of vulnerability and sensitivity.

True to its name, Hello, I’m Britti. is an introduction.

But whereas most ‘hellos’ are short n’ sweet, Britti’s is emphatic, undeniable, and impassioned: The New Orleans-based artist wastes no time in making a memorable first impression, sharing her unfiltered and unadulterated self through eleven enchanting, emotionally charged songs that dwell in the deep end of life’s emotional pool.

Soulful, seductive, and smoldering, Hello, I’m Britti. proves an instantly memorable debut as Britti channels her coming-of-age struggles into beautifully radiant, resonant songs.

Hello, I'm Britti. - Britti
Hello, I’m Britti. – Britti
So tired
Mama said it won’t be easy
So tired
What Mama said was right, believe me
So tired
Lord, if she could only see me
So tired, so tired
Let me tell you somethin’
When I see the light of day
And the blues stop coming
Won’t be nothing in my way
When my fear is faded
I’ll be feeling safe and warm
There’ll be no hesitating
‘Cause I’m finally feeling sure
– “So Tired,” Britti

This is the music of a tender heart and soul unleashed through music. Released February 2, 2024 via Easy Eye Sound, Hello, I’m Britti. shines warm, bold, and bright as Brittany Guerin’s long-held dream is realized, and she beams her inner light out into the world. Produced and co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Britti’s debut album feels at once fresh and familiar – it’s instantly timeless, despite just being born.

A Louisiana native based in New Orleans, Britti is unapologetic about who she is. “[It’s important] for listeners to know I love, love,” she immediately tells Atwood Magazine. “I am 100% a Pisces, my favorite singer is Otis Redding, my favorite candy is chocolate covered gummy bears, and I love rain!”

Britti © Jim Herrington
Britti © Jim Herrington

Inspired by everything from Motown and Zydeco to jazz standards, blues classics, and more modern R&B, Britti’s art is that of a singer/songwriter expressing her deepest, truest self. Together with an enviable cast of musicians that included Jay Bellerose (Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Sharon Van Etten) on drums, guitarist Tom Bukovac (Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks), keyboard wizard Mike Rojas (Yola, Don Henley) and Dan Auerbach himself (among others), Britti creates a dreamy, dynamic world into which we may all dip our toes as she sings about love, heartbreak, her own trials and tribulations, and everything in-between.

“Personally, this album is about heartbreak, introspection, love, and self-discovery,” Britti tells Atwood Magazine. “Falling, then learning to fly, and telling the story. To me the story behind this album is about a girl becoming a woman, and the realization that all of her trials and tribulations were the foundation of a path leading toward self-discovery.”

“My inspiration for this record was to make something that would stand the test of time,” she adds. “My favorite era of music is the ‘60s and ‘70s, and I was extremely lucky to work with Dan Auerbach and a collection of amazing songwriters that were all in on collaborating to realize my dream. The overarching vision was to always be myself and share my truth, and that remained a beautiful constant throughout the entire process.”

Britti © Jim Herrington
Britti © Jim Herrington

To me the story behind this album is about a girl becoming a woman, and the realization that all of her trials and tribulations were the foundation of a path leading toward self-discovery.

She candidly describes Hello, I’m Britti. as timeless, passionate, and breathtaking.

“I feel like this album is my introduction to the world through my voice,” she explains. “The lyrics allow me to share my stories that have helped me heal by feeling and writing, to help others cope and feel seen in their experiences.”

Highlights abound on the journey from the cathartic “So Tired” – in which Britti laments the daily, unforgiving grind of musical pursuits – to album closer “Once Upon a Time,” a gentle, nostalgic dream of love come and gone. The softly soothing “Lullaby” highlights the depth and strength of Britti’s singular, expressive voice, while moving tracks like “Back Where We Belong” and “Silly Boy” weave entire worlds through descriptive lyrical storytelling.

“‘Reach Out’ is my favorite. It’s so sexy, groovy, and raw!” Britti exclaims. “Such a James Bond-opening theme song feel. Subtly epic.” She cites a number of favorite lyrics as well:

‘Not the circus clowns, with their painted smiles
Flying upside down, it’s true
Not the masquerade, of the Lundi Gras
Or my favorite shade, of blue’
– “Nothing Compares To You
Lightning strikes in front of me,
oh I used to be, so afraid
– “Still Gone
‘I taste it on your skin,
I think I want to lay beside you.
And wonder where you’ve been,
you’ll never know how hard I tried to, just live’
– “Reach Out
To look in my eyes
is to look in my heart
– “Save Me
Britti © Jim Herrington
Britti © Jim Herrington

Truly, wherever you press play on this album, you’ll be treated to a world of soul-soaked golden-hued enchantments.

Britti’s delivery is effortless, and her music is a reflection of her honest, open-hearted humanity: Warm, wondrous, and endlessly dazzling.

“I hope listeners take away the beautiful sense of the word ‘love’ and all of the layers of it,” Britti shares. “From creating the album and putting it out, I have taken away the true understanding of quotes I resonate with – ‘anything is possible’ and ‘doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever will.’”

Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside Britti’s Hello, I’m Britti. with Atwood Magazine as she takes us track-by-track through the music and lyrics of her debut album!

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Hello, I'm Britti. - Britti

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So Tired

It’s about carrying the weight of your personalized journey after heartbreak. Being emotionally, physically, and spiritually fatigued for having to have the strength to be resilient. Finding the soundness and power to turn that ebb and flow in to momentum of healing and self discovery.

Still Gone

It’s about heartbreak and re-learning your life without that past lover. Each day, in hopes of healing, also being reminded of the imprint of pain. Each day, without that person, life feeling more surreal than the memories that were potently comforting. In disbelief, they’re “still gone.”

Nothing Compares To You

On the surface this song is about the love of my life, my husband. Then taking it a step farther and a layer deeper – paying homage through a love letter of lyrics to my home, New Orleans. This song is from the heart of everything that has shaped me into who I am today. In this city I have been unearthed and raised through heartbreak, introspection, love, and self-discovery.

Back Where We Belong

Bittersweetness about moving on. Trying to keep it together while life is just moving on around you. Wanting things to go back to “normal” .

Keep Running

Constantly moving, so you don’t have to stop and feel the pain. Resisting to take the pause, because it’s easier to “keep running”. Being honest with oneself about the coping mechanism.

Silly Boy

Reminiscing on old love as I regain my confidence in self-discovery. Continuing on with the healing process. The more past familiarity becomes presently unfamiliar, the more I see clear my worth and sing to that.


Needing your new found love to be gentle with your spirt and heart. Feeling vulnerable and sensitive in the process of allowing yourself to heal – feeling everything to become your highest self, all the while enjoying ‘being seen’ by your love.

There Ain’t Nothing

This song is about finding your way back home, internally. Remembering where you came from and what your made out of. Rebuilding confidence.

Reach Out

Deeply falling in love with the love of your life. Allowing yourself to be spiritually naked and open in love. Finally finding that “safe space” in a love, giving a person your ALL.

Save Me

Becoming who you have always desired to be, unapologetically, with the impetus of constant love from your lover, saving you through love.

Once Upon A Time

A story of past love. When so much time has passed, it almost doesn’t feel real; a dreamy nightmare.

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Hello, I'm Britti. - Britti

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