Today’s Song: The Intimate Beauty of MAY’s Haunting & Dark “Baby Save Me Tonight”

MAY © 2018
MAY © 2018
New York singer/songwriter MAY cuts a new standard with “Baby Save Me Tonight,” a haunting, melancholy cry aching with longing and raw vulnerability.
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MAY has left an indelible mark with “Baby Save Me Tonight” – a singular, striking, and unforgettable moment of intimate beauty.

Some songs just have a way of getting under our skin; of touching us in such a way that we’re never quite the same again. Such is the power of music and the magic of “Baby Save Me Tonight,” the dazzlingly dark, utterly intoxicating song by New York singer/songwriter MAY.

I want you to be honest
And I want you to brave
I wanna be the one
that you think you can save
If I fall out of the window
Will you catch me in your arms?
And would you wait with me
‘Til the ambulance comes
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Released last month (September 21, 2018), “Baby Save Me Tonight” is only the fifth single from Brooklyn’s stunning MAY. Debuting in 2014 with the Adele-like ballad “Sunday Night,” the singer/songwriter has taken great care in introducing her artistry through a continuously transformative set of immersive, affecting songs. “I Could Have Been Someone” brings listeners to a place of sultry dark pop lament; “Ballerino” strikes awe in the ears and heart as MAY rises from warm whispers to heavenly roars. MAY’s latest release, “Grace” (out 10/5/2018), reflects on desire and purpose with soulful, stinging croons.

Baby Save Me Tonight - MAY
Baby Save Me Tonight – MAY

Great as these songs are, there is something truly magnificent about “Baby Save Me Tonight” that sets it apart – not only from MAY’s own catalog, but also from the majority of songs released in this generation. Incredibly simple yet utterly immense, “Baby Save Me Tonight” feels like a new standard – an instantly memorably modern classic glowing with emotional purity and harrowing honesty.

MAY’s refrain is simple, catchy, and direct:

Baby save me tonight,
baby save me tonight
Come and save me tonight,
baby save me tonight

One gets the sense throughout this song that MAY’s cries are in vain – that despite her impassioned outpouring, saving won’t come in the form of her baby. She sings her second and third verses softly and forcefully.

But it’s cold and it’s dark
As I walk through the park
And there’s a stranger
that’s waiting in the shadows
If it meant my life
Would you reach for your knife
and promise me to be faithful…
If I jumped into the river
In the back of my house
Would you dive into the water
And pull me out
Are you strong in the waist
Do you have a nice face
And will you tell me
that you think I’m special?
MAY © 2018
MAY © 2018

Aching with longing and raw vulnerability, “Baby Save Me Tonight” is a total submission of self: A haunting, melancholy cry for deliverance and protection, love and understanding. The slow, heavy-hearted ballad taps into the deepest depths of emotion – for there is no saving to be had, at least not in this song. Drowning in sorrow, MAY sings with the backbreaking weight of the world upon her, unleashing pain through shiver-inducing layers of beautiful, “doomed romanticism.” She captures inner turmoil and strife in their truest forms, delivering something that resonates most in our darkest moments – when there is no light to be found.

“There is a beautifully devout sense of longing in ‘Baby Save Me Tonight,’ met with an honest, but tongue-in-cheek kind of cynicism,” MAY shared upon the song’s release. “For me, it is cathartic and sentimental to perform in many ways, and I love how it feels like conversations I had whilst writing it in the heart of Montreal…”

MAY’s debut EP is expected to release in late 2018 via Best Laid Plans. Whatever the future has in store for this formidable force, MAY has left an indelible mark with “Baby Save Me Tonight” – a singular, striking, and unforgettable moment of intimate beauty.

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Baby Save Me Tonight - MAY

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