Premiere: Memory, Love, & Hope Permeate Carriers’ Heart-Rending “Heaven’s People”

Carriers © Michael Wilson
Carriers © Michael Wilson
A poignant testament to memory, connection, and love in death, Carriers’ “Heaven’s People” leverages raw music to capture the deepest matters of heart and soul.
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Ethereal drones subside into a charming, heartfelt rock ballad in Carriers’ new single. A poignant musical testament to memory, connection, and love in death, “Heaven’s People” leverages raw music to capture the deepest matters of heart and soul.

Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else - Carriers
Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else – Carriers
The magic happens
when the lights go down
All are sleeping, no ones around
The chords I play, bring the new day
And I gotta say, I’m loving this sound
Sometimes the remedy is in the night
Beauty glows from a mindful light
I’m all alone, but I feel just fine
For all I know, I could die tonight
And if I did

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Heaven’s People,” the third single off Carriers’ forthcoming debut album Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else (out August 23rd via Good Eye Records). Hailing from Cincinnati, the band led by singer/songwriter Curt Kiser (vocals, guitar), guitarist Cory Pavlinac, bassist Trent Becknell, and Alex McGrath have been making lush, thoughtful and moving soft rock since their formating in 2014. Five years later, the band’s forthcoming debut album delivers strong message of self-reflection, empathy, and self-awareness. Taking on death, life, and that beautiful mess we call our everyday existence, Now Is The Time is “about appreciating what we have and remaining present, while still being able to have an honest perspective of the past and ourfuture,” Kiser explains. “I’ve personally found a lot of peace in just working hard and staying focused on what I’ve got going on, trusting, rather than being consumed with striving. This record process has taught me a lot about patience.”

When would I come again
Would I ever get to see my friends
With you, would I have ever been
Heavens people, hope I get see them
Hope I find you…
Carriers © Michael Wilson
Carriers © Michael Wilson

“Heaven’s People” is a statement on love, death, and humility: A recognition that life is not eternal, but our relationships can be everlasting. “I wrote this song one winter after moving into a new apartment,” Kiser tells Atwood Magazine. “This was the first place I lived alone and was able to make music without disturbing anyone. It was a very freeing experience. I started singing this song one night as a way of expressing the memory of my grandfather and the impact he had on my life. It’s me reflecting on my own life and the joy I have in being able to make music and sing about things that matter to me.”

It’s a song of questioning and of hope for what this life and the next life have to offer.

Kiser’s lyrics ring out with special weight and importance throughout “Heaven’s People” as he strives to recognize that which he has – including the people in his life who may or may not be around anymore. ““When will we come again” is a line that holds a lot of meaning for me,” he reflects. “At this point in my life, from my own spiritual understanding, I think our souls live on and may get another chance at living again. And if that’s true, I wonder if we will see the ones we’ve loved before, whether they were people we knew or people we would’ve liked to have known. It’s a feeling that motivates me and keeps me thankful for each day. Heavens People, hope I get to see them.

Jesus sings over me
At least that’s what I believe
I hope it’s true and one day I see
The best man I’ve ever seen
My grandpa died in a peaceful sleep
Somewhere in Wyoming
He was one hell of a man
I hope one day I get to hold his hand
And If I did…
When would He come again
Would He ever get to see his friends
With you, would he have ever been
Heavens people, hope I get to see them
Carriers © Keith Klenowski
Carriers © Keith Klenowski

Something changes in you, once you’ve lost loved ones: Their memory becomes a sort of fixture in your mind, a permanent space in tribute to their person. Many folks become more spiritual after a significant loss. With help from guest vocalists Molly Parden, Christie DuPree, and Caleb Groh, Carriers convey that warm love that never fades, and the strength of that conviction in such special spiritual relationships. “The king is gone, but he’s not forgotten,” sang a forlorn Neil Young. We cherish our loved ones by holding them close, no matter where they are or how long it’s been.

In many ways, “Heaven’s People” is a tribute to love in death. In other ways, it’s a prayer for reunion and togetherness. In both instances, it radiates tenderness and connection.

Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else is out August 23rd via Good Eye Records.

Heavens people,
Heavens people hope I get to see them
I understand if I never get in
Heavens people, hope I get to see them
When would we come again
Would we ever get to see our friends
With you, would we have ever been
Heavens people, hope I get see them

— —

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Stream: “Heaven’s People” – Carriers
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