Today’s Song: Getting “Caught on Camera” with Cardiff’s The Rotanas

The Rotanas
The Rotanas
The Rotanas’ second single “Caught on Camera” is a guitar strumming anthem with a dash of indie rock nostalgia and heaps of potential.
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Practically dripping with the nostalgia of their indie rock predecessors, there is something instantly captivating about the sound of young, Cardiff-based band, The Rotanas. With a grainy polaroid aesthetic, crooning frontman and brilliantly jangly guitars to offer there is plenty about this band the diehard indie rock fan will love and yet despite their obvious penchant for the indie aesthetic and the sound of great guitar bands, there is equally something incredibly refreshing about their presence.

Caught on Camera - The Rotanas
Caught on Camera – The Rotanas

Having released several impressive tracks already, most recent release “Caught on Camera” takes a step back from raucous guitar music and instead looks to bring the anthemic guitar rock ballad into 2019. The track is stripped back, monopolizing on simple acoustic, strummed guitar chords and vocals, notably showcasing the promising strength of frontman Harry Watton whose vocal performance and lyrical content feel like a breath of fresh air.

The track is simple and yet it is in its simplicity that it truly shines. With a guitar dominated instrumental texture the sound is impressively lush, filled with gorgeous, sentimental harmonies. The soaring vocals of Watton only add to this constructed indie dreamscape with his effortless crooning gracefully blending into the sound around him and rounding the corners of his textbook indie snarl. The lyrical content itself plays out a scene of classic teen angst, the toils of romance in the modern day and indeed in this case, the timeless struggle of navigating gossip.

I got caught on camera tryna steal your heart away
Can’t destroy the notion that I still might have a chance
You don’t have the answers for me
I’m the one to blame
I am not deserving of your well-guarded romance
The Rotanas
The Rotanas

I got done for slander tryna bitch about your ex
Even when he used to be a good old friend of mine
Is it wrong to have a talk or even send a text
My eye sight is poor I find it hard to toe the line

From where I am standing, there is something exciting brewing in the air at the moment for indie guitar music and therefore to all the people claiming the genre has seen its day, I see your cynicism and raise you The Rotanas.

Stream: “Caught on Camera” – The Rotanas

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Caught on Camera - The Rotanas

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