This Just In: Caity Krone Astounds with “Thank You for the Sunday Paper”

Caity Krone © 2020
With her first release in three years, Caity Krone showcases her lyrical evolution with the piercingly poignant “Thank You For The Sunday Paper”
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“Thank You for the Sunday Paper” – Caity Krone

Modernity in the music industry has, at least, partially failed us. Artists these days are more likely to gain recognition for garnering views on a tasteless yet easily digestible video than for their actual artistry. While catering to playlists might prove to be beneficial in the short term, it’s arguably robbing prospective listeners of music that’s truely timeless. Thankfully, artists like Caity Krone prove that artistic integrity isn’t dead, with awe-inspiringly beautiful tracks like “Thank You for the Sunday Paper.”

Thank You for the Sunday Paper - Caity Krone

Thank You for the Sunday Paper – Caity Krone

heard you got yourself some new friends
heard they ain’t that kind
so I just pretend
as I leave this place again
that this just wasn’t our time
when our friends talk about you
it’s hard to drown them out
’cause borrowing your dreams
has left me lonely now
and I lost a part of myself
that’s begging to be found
so I say,
thank you for the sunday paper

“Thank You for the Sunday Paper,” released independently today (Valentine’s Day 2020), serves as Caity Krone’s first release since she unveiled her debut single “Record About You” back in 2017. From the outset of her newly released track, she manages to stun with lyricism that’s reflectively assured yet drenched in youthful vulnerability. A sense of impassioned longing runs deeply throughout, with Krone’s touching vocal performance encompassing an uncompromising yearning for a once-familiar feeling that now feels frightfully foreign.

Caity Krone © 2020

Caity Krone © 2020

The resonant piano, serving as a fundamental part of “Thank You For The Sunday Paper,” softly intensifies Krone’s enrapturing lyrical sentiment. Like all of the best songwriters, Krone manages to perfectly tread the fine line between crafting lyricism that’s authentically personal and instantly relatable. Lines like, “I lost a part of myself that’s begging to be found,” cleverly allow each respective listener to introspectively delve into their own intimate thoughts and emotions.

“At first I was immensely nervous about leading with such a slow song for my first release off this EP,” Caity Krone tells Atwood Magazine. “Thinking about it now, I hope this little song about reclaiming yourself when it feels like you’re drowning in the memory of someone else makes all the lonely hearts out there a little warmer today. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Although timeless, “Thank You For The Sunday Paper” feels fresh in an excitingly modern way. While her debut single “Record About You” felt like an enticing introduction, Krone’s second release sees her truly showcasing her full potential in a stunning fashion.

With more songs and a debut EP on the horizon, it’s undoubtedly an extremely exciting time for this extraordinarily talented Los Angeles native. Modernity in the music industry may have its failings, but Caity Krone is keeping us inspired, filling our ears and our souls with beauty and emotion.

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“Thank You for the Sunday Paper” – Caity Krone

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Thank You for the Sunday Paper - Caity Krone

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