Today’s Song: Nashville’s Carlyle Griffin Finds a Breakthrough in Soulful “Sweet Fool”

Carlyle Griffin’s new single “Sweet Fool” is a groovy reflection on the internal journey of opening yourself up to love.
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Stream: “Sweet Fool” – Carlyle Griffin

“It is the type of song you feel compelled to start over before you even make it to the end.”

Let me draw your attention to a little-known love song from Nashville singer-songwriter Carlyle Griffin. With only three singles previously released on Spotify, I have been anxiously awaiting her next single. Released February 29, “Sweet Fool” is her best yet, fully embracing the jazz influences of her soulful voice.

Sweet Fool - Carlyle Griffin
Sweet Fool – Carlyle Griffin

While the horns act as the heartbeat of this track, layering beautifully with the electric guitar, as always it is Griffin’s voice that is the soft-as-velvet, tug at your heartstrings showstopper. She starts singing and you’re hooked, simple as that.

Sweet, sweet fool
I must confess
I think you’re onto something else
Some kinda breakthrough

With these lines we are launched into an intimate reflection on opening yourself up to love.

I got a taste of that feeling you described
As the only thing keeping you alive

This song is reminiscent of the grooviness and vocal range of Sir Woman. It is the type of music that makes you nod your head along despite being on public transit. It is the type of song you feel compelled to start over before you even make it to the end.

Griffin is truly honing her songwriting talent, evident on tracks like Symptomatic Daydream, and coming into her sound.

Sweet sweet baby
Oh lord, that’s what he called me

An undeniable highlight is the vocal riff, cascading on love just before the bridge.

I think I finally understand
I understand why
You wanna be in love all the time

The tempo of the bridge provides a tonal shift, a little more gravity, inviting the listener in, for a series of confessions that answers the song’s promise of a breakthrough.

I wanna be in love it’s true
Wanna be a little more like you
Wanna be open to the fun
Of having someone
Around to hold my hand
Around to share my plans
To fit me like a glove
Yeah I wanna be in love
Carlyle Griffin © 2024
Carlyle Griffin © 2024

“Sweet Fool” seems a hard-fought admission of wanting, a yearning emerging from the fear of losing control, an opening up to hurt, an opening up to love.

Carlyle Griffin is one rising star to keep an eye on, and you can thank Atwood for giving you the bragging rights to say that you listened to her before she blew up! Griffin has a few more songs coming out this year, and you can catch her performing at the Key West Songwriters Fest in May or playing gigs in Nashville.

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Stream: “Sweet Fool” – Carlyle Griffin

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Sweet Fool - Carlyle Griffin

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