This Just In: Sir Sly’s “All Your Love” Is a Deep Breath of Hallelujah

Sir Sly 2020
Sir Sly
Breathtakingly tender and deeply emotional, Sir Sly’s new song “All Your Love” is a healing spark of light and love in the darkness.
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Allelu! In my bones, LA’s on fire again, costumes and sirens…

Sir Sly have always made the kind of heavy, dark music you want to dwell in: Whether they were singing about death, addiction, heartbreak, or loss of some other kind, their electronic-tinged melancholia has served as a soulful embrace – a comforting hug reminding anyone who needs it, that they’re not alone: That we’ve all been down, deep in those raw, aching depths, where pain and anxiety, loneliness and sorrow roam wild and free.

This is an especially difficult time for folks the world over, and to that Sir Sly once again emerge as a familiar friend, offering reassurance when we need it most. Not only are they here for us, but also and most importantly, we’re still not alone.

Breathtakingly tender and deeply emotional, the band’s new song “All Your Love” is a healing spark of light and love in the darkness.

All Your Love - Sir Sly
All Your Love – Sir Sly
Good enough ain’t
good enough for you or me

And feeling stuck is fucking up my sanity
Fallelujah filling empty spaces
Hallelujah, I need saving, not a savior
Clutch until my knuckles white
Show my teeth, but never bite
Acting like I’m innocent
Pushing daisies in a dream
Letting out a silent scream
I feel like a pig in shit singing

Released May 1, 2020 via Interscope Records, “All Your Love” arrives as Sir Sly’s first song in nearly three years. We last heard from the LA band in 2017; their sophomore album Don’t You Worry, Honey earned a perfect 10/10 review and featured on Atwood‘s albums of the year, hailed as an important story about the individual’s journey through grief and mourning, toward resolution: “Just like their debut, Sir Sly’s sophomore effort succeeds at injecting substance and humanity into spellbinding music: Out of pain, the band creates beauty.”

In my bones
LA’s on fire again
Costumes and sirens
Pictures of you
In my phone
I’m back in hell alone singing

The kind of group who never make the same song twice, the trio of Hayden Coplen, Jason Suwito, and Landon Jacobs took all the time they needed in writing and recording what will eventually become Don’t You Worry, Honey‘s follow-up. They lived their lives, found new experience, reflected on the past, and ultimately came back together in a big and meaningful way: “All Your Love” feels both familiar and new. Sir Sly are no strangers to heavy, riff-driven music, but never before has a song of theirs felt so mellow and grungy at the same time.

Sir Sly 2020
Sir Sly © Nick Walker

Perhaps it’s the presence of a fourth artistic voice that makes this song feel so special: “All Your Love” was co-written and co-produced by Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, who also plays bass on the track. More likely, though, it’s a tribute to time passing, and three individuals rediscovering themselves.

“From the moment Billy started playing this bass riff, I knew this song had something special in it,” Landon Jacobs says. “I’ve had a lot of personal growth over the last year and 4 months of sobriety, but I wrote this song in a moment that I was feeling very upside down. Fires had been raging around LA, and my daily commutes had started to take on a more ominous feel.”

Connection with others has been very healing for me in this new, healthier phase of life, so in these uncertain and isolated times, I found some encouragement listening back to this song.

Jacobs explains, “I made it out of that “stuck place” by putting one foot in front of the other and taking uncomfortable steps. Things like talking on the phone with family and friends, finding a healthier sleep cycle, eating regular meals even when my depression made those practices feel impossible. I don’t often like to change until the pain of being stagnant is greater than the fear and discomfort of moving forward.

It may not have been written during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but everything about “All Your Love” speaks to the loneliness and isolation of social distancing and quarantine.

Its lyrics express the pain of solitude – “I’m back in hell alone” – and take solace in human connection – “inhale you like freebase, spirit fill me up… send me all your love.

I’ve been spinning stories, baby
You’ve been on the road
Telegraph me going crazy
Lost inside a hoax
Inhale you like freebase
Spirit fill me up
Driving quiet freeways
Send me all you love

Sir Sly Turn Pain into Beauty on ‘Don’t You Worry, Honey’

:: OUR TAKE ::

“This period of social distancing has been taxing on my mental heath, disruptive to a lot of the healthy schedules I’ve built up, and emotionally draining, but listening to this song reminded me of a time that I took purposeful steps towards seeking connection and help,” Jacobs shares. “Those types of connection look different in these moments of social distancing, but I can still choose connection even when it feels clumsy, I don’t need to be a pig in the proverbial shit of utter isolation.”

Jacobs, as well as his bandmates Hayden Coplen and Jason Suwito, are all excellent sources of inspiring prose during normal times. No matter what the subject, they tend to wax philosophical in ways that stick with you years later, if you care enough to listen [insert joke here]. Their music and lyrics hit especially hard today, with “All Your Love” speaking to a communal disconnection the likes of which we’ve never felt before – and hopefully, we’ll hopefully never see again.

In my bones
LA’s on fire again
Costumes and sirens
Pictures of you
In my phone
I’m back in hell alone singing

Dark, Honest and Vulnerable: An Interview with Sir Sly


Whether or not it’s your first time feeling “utter isolation,” Sir Sly and their music are here to help us process, cope, and see things through.

“All Your Love” is an atmospheric, grounded safe space for all to dwell – dark, yet full of light, warmth, and knowing. The trio have once again assumed that caregiver-like role, providing nourishment and empathy as they themselves wash their spirits clean. This, too, shall pass; but until that time comes, we will have the intimate, haunting “All Your Love” close at hand.

I don’t often like to change until the pain of being stagnant is greater than the fear and discomfort of moving forward.

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Stream: “Hallelujah” – Sir Sly

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All Your Love - Sir Sly

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