Premiere: Daisy Abrams Tackles Depression & Purpose on “The Early Riser”

Daisy Abrams © 2021
Daisy Abrams © 2021
The lead single off Daisy Abrams’ debut album, “The Early Riser” blends beautiful classical piano with ruminations on searching for one’s dreams and motivation amidst deep depression, waiting for the sunrise to start again.
by guest writer Beau Hayhoe
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There are certain sensations that are hard to escape once they’ve gripped you, like the notion that maybe, hiding from the world is really the best option some days. This is an idea explored in-depth by “The Early Riser,” the lead single off Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter Daisy Abrams’ forthcoming debut album, Everywhere I’m Not.

The Early Riser - Daisy Abrams
The Early Riser – Daisy Abrams
I needed something so compelling
It’d get me up in the early morning
I couldn’t find it when I searched for it
So I gave up, gave up on it
And so I slept in until the evening
Until the sun began descending
Because the fear that I was feeling
It made my bed seem so appealing

Atwood Magazine is delighted to be premiering “The Early Riser” from Daisy Abrams, the first in what promises to be a richly crafted and sonically intriguing string of releases. “The Early Riser” swells with emotion and lush piano, and if ever you’ve thought about trying to learn to play piano (or regretted giving up lessons), Abrams’ talent might inspire you to take up the charge.

Fans of everyone from Joni Mitchell to the eloquent and intricate songwriting of Meg Duffy’s Hand Habits will find plenty to appreciate in Abrams’ careful, delicate yet rich approach to songwriting and piano.

Daisy Abrams © 2021
Daisy Abrams © 2021

Abrams herself started learning to play classical piano when she was 5, and her hard work has certainly paid off. At the age of 13, she leaned into songwriting as an escape from adolescent loneliness, and her debut album is set to tackle similar themes on a deeper level, everything from nostalgia to disappointment and inadequacy.

Abrams honed her craft and diverse influences studying music in college in Philadelphia, listening intently to both Elliott Smith and Chopin. A study abroad semester in Galway, Ireland had such an impact on her that she moved back at the start of 2020.

That this track evokes a sense of wistful longing and perhaps grey skies against a backdrop of lush green hills is a transformative bonus for the listener.

Throughout “The Early Riser,” Abrams beautifully captures the sensation of striving and searching for meaning, about running into blocked entries in pursuit of your dreams, the kind of dreams that only truly open up when, well, one is physically asleep and dreaming.

Daisy Abrams © 2021
Daisy Abrams © 2021
My dreams come from the place I wanna go
Where nothing is off limits, the stakes are low
But the entry is blocked off when I’m awake
So I resolve to waste another day
My bed will keep me safe

Abrams, who recorded the song with producer and longtime friend John Fox, notes that the song came from a place of acute depression and complacency, driven by the sensation of seeking refuge in a safe harbor.

“I felt like if I could just wake up early and do the things that I know would bring relief and self improvement, my life would be better, but I could never bring myself to actually do any of it,” Abrams tells Atwood Magazine. “I definitely have always thought of waking up early as the antidote, but I end up beating myself up even more for not making it a habit. I guess the failure of sleeping in started to feed into a sense of inadequacy and laziness that I still struggle to shake.”

With every question and every concern
I’m driven deeper into the ocean
Of faded chances and consequences
I am complacent, I couldn’t care less
And in those moments no one’s around me
When I’m afraid to feel lonely
It’s far too easy to have company
I dive much deeper, turn on the TV

How can you change if you have never changed before? And when the sun comes up, isn’t that enough?

Daisy Abrams © 2021
Daisy Abrams © 2021

“The Early Riser” tackles heavy themes, to be sure, including the idea that change can feel virtually impossible at times. Abrams’ record is set to take on these themes, exploring places she’s loved and at the same time, capturing the idea that it’s inner strength, not a physical location, that’s the solution.

Pay close attention to what Abrams does next on debut album Everywhere I’m Not, because the resulting LP will capture your attention instantly.

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Beau Hayhoe is a Brooklyn-based writer covering music, menswear, whiskey, craft beer and more. His writing has appeared at sites like Esquire, Maxim, InsideHook and The Line of Best Fit. His favorite band is The National. When not writing, he can be found enjoying a Brooklyn beer or poring over crate after crate of vinyl records.

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Stream: “The Early Riser” – Daisy Abrams
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The Early Riser - Daisy Abrams

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