Premiere: De La Noche’s “Blue” is a Funk and Synth-Laced Anthem of Heartbreak

Funky saxophones and melodic synths coalesce gorgeously on De La Noche’s “Blue,” providing listeners with a late-night adventure of the darkest moments of love.
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There is a bittersweetness with heartbreak, as the only reason one could be hurting so much is because of how tremendous that love truly was. Music offers one of the most captivating vessels for these tales of woe and of remembrance, often utilizing somber or melancholic melodies to convey the emotional hurt within the artist. However, De La Noche opts for a different path, one with an emphasis on funk and groovy basslines, one that will have listeners moving to the beat while simultaneously lost in internal reflection. Their latest single, “Blue,” provides this experience, and Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering it today!

Blue Days, Black Nights album art – De La Noche

De La Noche is a band nonpareil, their melodies often incorporating multiple styles that all coalesce into soundscapes of the highest quality. Consisting of Robert Rogan, Brian Weeks, and The Rosebud’s Ivan Howard, the trio aims to provide stellar throwback with modern flair, and “Blue” nails it spectacularly. When discussing the song, Rogan told AtwoodWe all go thru some hard times and you never know what’s gonna help you get thru them. One of my rays of light has always been Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mack.’ That 90s summer jam has helped me thru a few breakups over the years, for sure. I started writing “Blue” using the ‘Return of the Mack’ chords, but backwards. Then it turned into its own thing.  It’s a throwback to a time when MTV played videos and is what my friend calls ‘essentially the sweat off of John Oates’ mustache—pure awesomeness.’”

Did you find a spark, or was it not enough to start your flame?
Did you find another mark, or someone smart enough to spot your game?
You said I only held you down.
Your friend told me you’re back in town,
things have come around.

The track opens with synths, piano, and saxophone undulating with a funky fervor. Then, in the foreground, a slick bassline keeps the tempo and adds an extra flavor to the tune that satiates just about any musical craving. As Howard begins his vocal harmonies, crooning of a love no more, the recipe becomes finished and the track enters into a stage of unmatched musicality with its forlorn yet groove-inducing rhythms. “Don’t you miss me? Now, don’t you miss me” croons Howard, allowing for painted visuals to flow into the minds of listeners, heightening the experience to new levels. “Somewhere you’re lonely now, blue cause someone let you down.

Did you come apart?
Did they have to bring you home again?
And don’t it break your heart
to know you got to start alone again?

During the halfway point of the track, around the time of the second chorus, the saxophone begins to increase in volume, but never to the point of overbearing. It wafts around the other melodies at play and adds a tantalizing touch. While the percussion and bassline keep the tempo, more instruments begin to increase their presence, resulting in an onrush of instrumentation near the track’s end. During which Howard begins to roar with impassioned vocals, bellowing out “don’t you miss me” on repeat, driving the feeling of heartbreak deep into listeners. As the signing subsides, piano takes it away, a few strokes of the keys gently ending this tale of woe with grace.

I remember that December day
When I begged you to stay, but you walked away
Now what you got to say?

What De La Noche shows with “Blue” is that their band is force unlike any other, incorporating old and new in a seamless fashion and ending up on top. And despite the gloom of a broken heart, one can’t help but groove to it, slowly losing themselves in the funk-soaked melodies and captivating vocals of Howard. If their upcoming debut album, Blue Days, Black Nights, contains this same level of talent, then fans will be in for a sonic treat.

Blue Days, Black Nights releases August 23 via Get Loud.

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