Premiere: “Celebrate Life,” Alice Pisano’s Heartfelt Reminder to Love Yourself

Alice Pisano © Rob Blackham
Alice Pisano © Rob Blackham
Take a break. Listen to this song. Hear the message. Enjoy your life. “Celebrate Life” with Alice Pisano.

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“Celebrate Life” is letting go of fear, and having the courage of loving life even when it hurts.

Stop and smell the roses: It’s an all too common term that needs to be implemented more into all of our lives. Who isn’t guilty of getting lost in the never-ending routine of week and weekend, day and night, rinse and repeat? It’s easy to get down on yourself when your life is a constant go. It’s easy to miss the accomplishments. It’s easy to miss the roses. Alice Pisano reminds us to stop and smell the roses with her new rhythmically joyous single, “Celebrate Life.”

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Celebrate Life,” the lead single off Alice Pisano’s forthcoming EP of the same name (produced by Ian Barter – Dermot Kennedy, Izzy Bizu). “Celebrate Life” starts with echoing guitar plucks, Explosions In The Sky style, as Pisano’s bright and silky voice glides into the first verse,

Tell me all the things you see
Blue oceans or the mountain tops
People dancing in the breeze
The silver moon, the rising sun 
And I know it’s hard sometimes
To be brave when you feel alone
I can see it in your eyes
Don’t let it turn your heart into stone
Celebrate Life - Alice Pisano
Celebrate Life – Alice Pisano

Pisano describes the origin of the song best: “I was going through a hard time feeling very lonely and afraid and judging myself all the time. ‘Celebrate Life’ is letting go of fear, and having the courage of loving life even when it hurts. Life is not always good, but there is always something good to look at.” The beat starts to pick up as the song turns from the being stuck feeling, to the feeling of letting it go. Pisano beautifully harmonizes adding emphasis to the chorus,

When you need someone to hold you tight
Keep on holding on, we’ll celebrate life 
When you need a change,
move towards the light
Keep on holding on, we’ll celebrate life

The second verse continues with the reminder that while life is often hard, it is also often beautiful – it’s just whether or not you chose to notice and embrace it. The bridge then breaks the song down to its soul. Pisano sings out the message for her listeners (and for herself) to celebrate life, and to love who you are,

You’re perfect as you are
You’re perfect as you are
Perfect as you are
You’re perfect as you are

The rhythm continues to build as the final chorus is sung with confidence, culminating the celebration that is life, and that is this song.

Throughout “Celebrate Life” Pisano’s delicate vocals demand our attention. The lyrics are too strong to ignore and the musicality compliments them in just the right way. “Celebrate Life” is a song that deserves to be heard – especially by those who haven’t taken a step back in a while to remind themselves that everything is going to be ok, and they’re doing just fine.

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Celebrate Life - Alice Pisano

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