Today’s Song: BØRNS Strikes Melancholy Chords on “I Don’t Want U Back”

I Don't Want U Back - BØRNS
I Don't Want U Back - BØRNS
What sets BØRNS’ unassuming track “I Don’t Want U Back” apart is the way it delicately captures melancholy feelings of love, loss and hope.

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Indie pop artist BØRNS’ final track release of 2017 was the seemingly unassuming “I Don’t Want U Back,” the third single off his forthcoming sophomore album Blue Madonna (out January 12, 2018 via Interscope Records). Similar to his preceding singles, “I Don’t Want U Back” exudes a bright rock n’ roll sensibility highlighted by BØRNS’ signature soft falsetto. What sets “I Don’t Want U Back” apart is the way it delicately captures melancholy feelings of love, loss and hope.

I should’ve known better
when you’re coming to bed
at four in the morning
I should’ve taken your eyes
avoiding mine as a warning
Every time I ask you what’s up
baby you’re changing your story
Just so you know that when you go
I ain’t begging for you back
“I Don’t Want U Back” – BØRNS

Throughout the track, we feel the push and pull between missing someone and knowing we shouldn’t. The story arc takes us from the first realization of infidelity to a year later, allowing the listener to identify with the inevitable stages of losing a lover.

I should’ve known better
But the liquor got me thinking I missed ya
Should’ve taken two steps back
But I wanted to kiss ya
Blue Madonna - BØRNS
Blue Madonna – BØRNS

BØRNS’ vocal delivery hooks the listener immediately, and the lyricism is stark and emotional. It ebbs and flows beautifully from the head to the heart, building to the undeniable confidence we find on the bridge and final chorus.

The bigger the liars the harder they fall
The hotter the fire the faster
the love is gonna burn up
The hotter the fire,
the smoke and the mirrors
It’s clear I’m better off without ya

The complicated clash between loneliness, self-preservation and personal progress is front and center throughout the track. The thoughtfulness of the lyrics is undeniable, with each line contributing heartfelt significance.

I Don't Want U Back - BØRNS
I Don’t Want U Back – BØRNS

Musically, “I Don’t Want U Back” is a lightweight indie pop/electronic track. With a pre-chorus that crescendos into heavier synths emphasizing the chorus, it’s well rounded and holds the right amount of attention. The clear stars of the song are the vocals and lyrics, so the instrumental and production do an incredible job of providing an airy background. Together, the song holds a tinge of melancholy, a dash of hope, and a driving sense of conviction.

“I Don’t Want U Back” is so gracefully crafted it almost hurts. Listeners find themselves hanging on every word, as BØRNS sings each with a tantalizing conviction that’s difficult to bear for its sincerity. Displaying a softer touch to his work on this track while also highlighting a more straightforward rock approach on his preceding singles, Blue Madonna is sure to be an album of growth for BØRNS. We can’t wait to hear it.

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Blue Madonna - BØRNS

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