Premiere: The Intimate Weight of Ed Prosek’s “I Was Wrong (Acoustic)”

Singer/songwriter Ed Prosek’s “I Was Wrong (Acoustic)” captures the full weight of vulnerability in a heartfelt and impassioned confession.

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There’s no singular way to capture the power of reflection and its incredible import to our lives. No matter the circumstance, we have much to learn from our behaviors and actions, achievements and mistakes. Ed Prosek dwells in the depths of reflection on “I Was Wrong (Acoustic),” a moving admission of fault full of pain, remorse, and sincerity.

Ed Prosek - I Was Wrong (Acoustic)
Ed Prosek – I Was Wrong (Acoustic)
I count the years
with the things I’ve lost,
That I wish I’d just forget
The way you danced to all
your favourite songs
The things you said
when you left
And I told myself that
I could brush this off
But I can’t get you
out of my head

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “I Was Wrong (Acoustic),” the acoustic version of Ed Prosek’s latest electrifying release. “I Was Wrong” is the first single off an upcoming 2019 EP, all written and produced by the artist himself and showcasing “a brand new direction and sound.”

The Californian singer/songwriter, based between Brighton, UK and Berlin, Germany, has made a name for himself over the years with a stunning indie folk sound. A deceptive piano ballad that bursts wide open with driving electric guitars, “I Was Wrong” heralds, as promised, a dynamic (and literally electrifying) new musical era for Prosek.

And I run my hands on a faded picture
Of how it all could’ve been
And I spend each night
Staring at the ceiling
Wishing I could do it all again
Ed Prosek © Laura Guitana
Ed Prosek © Laura Guitana

Yet this is not to say the singer/songwriter’s mastery of folk intimacy is in any way forgotten, as he displays in the “I Was Wrong” acoustic version. The stripped-back rendition captures the full weight of vulnerability in Prosek’s impassioned confession. He howls with sorrow as he admits to his mistakes, bringing listeners on a haunting journey of self-reflection full of regret and remorse.

‘Cause I was wrong
I’m on my way back down

won’t you stop me
’cause I know now
that I was wrong
I’m on my way back down

oh it’s too late to save me now
‘Cause I was wrong
I’m on my way back down

won’t you stop me
’cause I know now that I was
Wrong to watch you walking out

“Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to give up on some of the things you love most, and this song is about the doubt that follows that process,” Prosek explains. “I’ve changed my sound and worked with many different artists and producers over the past year. I’m so excited to take everything I’ve learned and re-imagine myself as a singer-songwriter again.”

For Prosek, finding himself has also meant recognizing that he can be multiple things at once. There’s no rule dictating that an artist must fit into one bubble, and in demonstrating a song’s ability to exist in high and low energy settings, he has affirmed that fundamental, but often glossed-over truth. “We re-imagined this song in order to film a video of it and were so happy with the result that I decided to formally release it as an acoustic version,” Ed Prosek tells Atwood Magazine; basically, this is a happy (and welcomed!) accident. “I love the synergy with my band and I love the process of deconstructing songs to their core elements to see how a song stands up without being able to hide behind any production trickery. It’s often the forgotten soul of a song that (hopefully) comes out in the end.”

Ed Prosek © Torben Loth
Ed Prosek © Torben Loth

Prosek is a well-known entity in the indie folk world, having recently collaborated with Italian singer/songwriter Violetta Zironi among others. Of note about Ed Prosek’s career, in addition to his tendency to move around, is the fact that he has never released a debut album – opting for singles and EP releases over traditional longform records. This strategy works well for the time being as he immerses himself in previously-unexplored musical spaces, but there’s also no denying the growing anticipation for larger works. There’s no telling what’s next from Ed Prosek as he heads into 2019, making Ed Prosek a particularly exciting artist-to-watch in the year ahead.

For now, audiences are left to bask in the emotional weight and inviting warmth of “I Was Wrong,” a song whose two equally powerful and immersive versions capture the impressive balancing act of a talented singer/songwriter with an ever-evolving artistry.

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Ed Prosek - I Was Wrong (Acoustic)
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? © Laura Guitana
directed by Torben Loth

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