Premiere: Violetta Zironi’s Heartbreaking & Breathtaking Confession “Little Wound”

Violetta Zironi’s intimate and impassioned “Little Wound” with Ed Prosek is a heartbreaking, breathtaking confession.

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Oh my love, I’m sorry it’s not you I’m dreaming of…

In Atwood Magazine‘s review of Italian singer/songwriter Violetta Zironi’s song “One More Time,” I observed that there is no easy way to end a relationship; that heartbreak is inevitable when love is at stake. But how does one even begin to say goodbye? How does one break their lover’s heart? Violetta Zironi’s intimate and impassioned “Little Wound” with Ed Prosek is a heartbreaking, breathtaking confession.

Little Wound - Violetta Zironi
Little Wound – Violetta Zironi
Little wound upon my heart
The only companion I need
Doesn’t hurt me so much when I sleep
But I feel it the most when we part

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the acoustic music video for “Little Wound,” by Violetta Zironi featuring Ed Prosek. A bittersweet whisper the size of a shout, this latest release from Italy’s Violetta Zironi is an aching expression of the grief caused by separation and disconnection. The independent artist continues where she left off in her summertime release “One More Time,” lamenting love’s loss through vulnerability, melodic grace, and acoustic beauty.

“‘Little Wound’ is a confession of guilt,” Violetta Zironi explains. “Expressing the feeling of being more in love with the feeling of instability and challenge, than with the other person. After being wounded in the past, sometimes you can’t live without it anymore.”

Violetta Zironi © Bettina Zironi
Violetta Zironi © Bettina Zironi
I’ve gotten used to carrying
This imperceptible scar
And Like a half forgotten dream
Fades in and out
Fades in and out once again
Oh my love I’m
Sorry it’s not you I’m dreaming of
When my heart beat flutters
It’s just the rush of falling again that I crave so much
It’s just a wound that my heart won’t give up

The duet of Zironi and Prosek elevates an already highly emotional composition to new heights: Their voices blend together in mournful agony as they weave a gorgeous cry rich with harmony and feeling. In the acoustic video, we bear witness to the dynamic duo’s spectacular performance. Zironi tells Atwood Magazine, “I chose the delicate setting of a garden to immerse the audience in the honest message of ‘Little Wound.’ Lively, directly and naturally under the light of the late summer sun.”

When my heart beat flutters, it’s just the rush of falling again that I crave so much.

It’s hard not to fall head over heels for “Little Wound.” Zironi’s plea is painful and heartrending, an evocative display of deep and sincere sadness. In surrendering herself through words and through song, the artist creates a musical mirror through which we can face our own cracks, faults, and fears. “Little Wound” is a soft, sweet lullabye lament: A tearjerker admission at the center of a moment that seems to last a lifetime. Furthermore, it’s an apology for breaking the heart of the one you love.

So to answer the earlier question: How does one break their lover’s heart? Through heartbreak of their own.

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This Little wound across my chest
Sings out the truth that I hide
With a trembling voice as I confess
That if you you remain by my side
I’ll always love you second best
But it fades in and out
It fades in and out once again
“Little Wound” – Violetta Zironi ft. Ed Prosek

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Little Wound - Violetta Zironi

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Bittersweet Closure in Violetta Zironi’s “One More Goodbye”


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