Premiere: E Scott Lindner Balances Emotion and Math with “8”

E Scott Lindner
E Scott Lindner
E Scott Lindner uses logic to hit on the emotional offering a fresh perspective on the Fibonacci sequence and a fresh take on classical and jazz composition with “8” off of his upcoming album In Flowers Through Space.
Stream: “8” – E Scott Lindner
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Who could have thought that in 2020, we’d still be referencing sequences discovered nearly two hundred years ago? Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere New York City-based composer, producer and audio engineer E Scott Lindner’s single “8” off his upcoming album In Flowers Through Space, an experimental concept album based on the Fibonacci sequence. Simply put, each number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two. Because of that pattern, it’s only appropriate that “8” premiere today, 1/9, as a small tribute to Lindner’s dedication to the concept.

In Flowers Through Space - E Scott Lindner
In Flowers Through Space – E Scott Lindner

The sequence exists everywhere. You’ve seen it visualized in the spiral of the bass clef. You’ve also heard it, or rather, it’s ratio (“The Golden Ratio”), which plays a large part in Western harmony and musical scales. In Flowers Through Space contemplates the logic behind beauty using the mathematical concept as a tool to inspire and guide the entire production process. A software program allowed Lindner to translate Fibonacci numbers into notes. He also held studio sessions on dates associated with the Fibonacci numbers. The tracks even mimic the sequence by increasing the number of classical and jazz musicians on each song — beginning with 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21.

“This is the most complex and emotional album I’ve made and it’s completely guided by this mathematical construct,” says Lindner.

E Scott Lindner
E Scott Lindner © Dennis Cahlo

“8” is one of the album’s more experimental ventures, featuring lyrical, melodic and structural moves which seem to be more overtly associated with the sequence. It’s also one of the few tracks on the album to have vocals (and the only to have lyrics). The 10 minute track features a breakdown about halfway through where sparse percussion and standard jazz instruments riff together—a stark departure from the boldness of the first couple of minutes. The blending of classical virtuosity and experimental jazz scat singing makes for a theatrical sound— complex, yet not cluttered.

Lindner uses logic to hit on the emotional offering a fresh take on not just the Fibonacci sequence, but also classical and jazz composition. Listen to E Scott Lindner’s single “8” and stay tuned later this year for the release of In Flowers Through Space.

Stream: “8” – E Scott Lindner
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