Track-by-Track: It’s Time to ‘Get Up’ with NewJeans’ Second EP

NewJeans Get Up © ADOR / HYBE
NewJeans Get Up © ADOR / HYBE
From crushes and betrayal to falling in love over catchy beats, K-pop group NewJeans go all in for their sophomore EP ‘Get Up’!
Stream: ‘Get Up’ – NewJeans

Attractive, talented young men and women, global talent searches and years of intense physical and vocal training is the formula used in the Korean music industry. Korean Pop, more commonly known as K-pop, became a phenomenon in 2012, when the artist Psy released a little bop known as “Gangnam Style.” Since then, BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen, and countless others have mesmerized us all with their music and dance moves.

Get Up - NewJeans
Get Up – NewJeans

Every year, record labels announce the next generation of K-pop groups ready to catapult to stardom. So, when HYBE labels and their independent subsidiary ADOR announced the debut of their latest girl group, in July 2022, the world didn’t know what was about to hit them.

NewJeans, a quintet consisting of Hanni, Danielle, Minji, Haerin and Hyein, debuted their single “Attention” and it caught the world’s attention. However, it wasn’t until the release of their songs “OMG” and “Ditto,” both of which went viral on TikTok, that everyone realized just how sensational these five girls would be.

In less than two years since their debut, they’ve performed at Lollapalooza, secured ambassador deals for brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton, and they even broke the Guinness World Record for “Fastest K-Pop act to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify,” last held by BTS.

NewJeans 'Get Up' © ADOR / HYBE
NewJeans ‘Get Up’ © ADOR / HYBE

With just seven tracks in their wheelhouse, NewJeans quickly solidified themselves as household names and that was only the beginning.

On July 20, 2023, the girl group released their second EP, Get Up.

Comprised of only six songs, Get Up secured the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, an impressive feat going up against the likes of the “Barbie” motion picture soundtrack.

The perfect blend of Korean and English lyrics, dance beats, and catchy hooks, Get Up ushers in a new era and reimagines the K-pop sound, so let’s break it down track by track.

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Stream: ‘Get Up’ – NewJeans

Inside Get Up

Get Up - NewJeans

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New Jeans

Starting strong, “New Jeans” is the perfect track to introduce the quintet and set the tone of the record.

Look, it’s a new me
Switched it up, who’s this?
우릴 봐 (look at us) NewJeans
So fresh, so clean

The track is bright, sweet and full of life, just like NewJeans themselves. The accompanying music video depicts the group in the style of another popular girl group, The Powerpuff Girls, in celebration of the animated series’ 25th anniversary (via NME). With a play on words, the track closes out with:

New hair, new tee
NewJeans, you and me
New hair, new tee
NewJeans, you and me

Super Shy

If you’ve heard only one song from their sophomore EP there’s a high chance that it’s “Super Shy.” Radiating with contagious energy, “Super Shy” has been making the rounds across all social media platforms, with dance trends or Ryan Reynolds workout videos.

I’m super shy, super shy
But wait a minute while I
make you mine, make you mine

떨리는 지금도 (even now I’m trembling),
you’re on my mind all the time
I wanna tell you but I’m super shy, super shy

We’ve all been there before, having a crush but too shy to let them know. This upbeat track encapsulates that sensation perfectly and you can’t help but feel a sense of giddy and nostalgia. Hyein and Minji elaborate in the first verse saying:

And I wanna go out with you
Where you wanna go? (Huh?)
Find a lil spot, just sit and talk
Looking pretty, follow me
우리 둘이 나란히
보이지? (봐)
내 눈이 (Heh)
갑자기, 빛나지
When you say I’m your dream
(Can you see us side by side?
Look, My eyes suddenly, shine)

Danielle and Hanni bring the story home with the refrain:

You don’t even know my name, do ya?
You don’t even know my name, do ya?

Let’s be real, who hasn’t felt completely invisible to the person they’re crushing on?


Not to sound biased, but “ETA” might be the best song on the EP. If you thought “New Jeans” and “Super Shy” would make you want to dance, just wait. “ETA” comes in like a wake-up call with a mix of drums and choppy air horns. Unlike its predecessor, “ETA” focuses on a guy who’s cheating on his girlfriend.

낭비하지 마 네 시간은 은행
서둘러서 정리해 걔는 real bad
받아주면 안돼
No, you better trust me
답답해서 그래
(Don’t waste it, your time’s a bank
Come on and end it, he’s real bad
Don’t indulge him, no, you better trust me
Why can’t you see it?)

While the first half of the verse feels like a warning, the latter half feels like the girls have evidence and the receipts to back it.

저번에도 봤지만 너 없을 때
걘 여기저기에 눈빛을 뿌리네
아주 눈부시게
Honestly 우리 사이에
He’s been totally lyin’, yeah
(I saw it before but when you weren’t there
Sprinkling his gaze everywhere
So dazzling, honestly between us
He’s been totally lying, yeah)

The quintet goes on to list all the times they’ve seen her man being unfaithful when she’s not around before bringing in the chorus singing:

Heard him say
We can go wherever you like
Baby, say the words and I’m down
All I need is you on my side
We can go whenever you like
Now, where are you?
What’s your ETA? What’s your ETA?

From the lyrics to the dance-fueled music video sponsored by Apple, “ETA” stands out on a record full of bangers.

Cool With You

“Cool With You” is a drastic tonal shift in comparison to the last three tracks. With a softer melody, achieved by light vocals and UK garage rhythms, the fourth song follows a narrative similar to “Super Shy” of the girls longing for the guy they like to be theirs.

You know me like no other
다 표현하지 않아도
(If you don’t express everything)
See me like no other (Mm)
And I think I like your point of view

It’s clear the pair are close, but the pre-chorus makes you realize they want more.

You may be on my mind (Mind)
Everyday baby, say you’re mine (Mine)
You and me on my mind (Mind)
Everywhere, baby, say you’re mine (Mine)

The chorus is a repetition of the line “It feels cool with you,” which feels like their saying, “Even if we can’t or you don’t want to be more, what we have is cool too.” “Cool With You” has a two-part music video titled Side A and Side B. Featuring “Squid Games” Jung Ho-yeon, the music video tells the story of Eros, Aphrodite, Psyche and unrequited love (via The Korea Herald).

Get Up

A 35-second interlude, “Get Up” feels like a continuation of “Cool With You.” The melody is lyrical and gives the listener a dreamlike sensation. The verse repeats twice before swiftly ending.

Get up
I don’t want to fight your shadow
Meet me back in five if I matter
To you
Like you say, I do

The title track is short and sweet, leaving listeners wanting more.


“ASAP” is a poppy outro that ends the EP on a lighter note. With upbeat percussions, catchy lyrics, and the mimicking of a ticking clock, the final track is sure to stay in your head even after the EP concludes. It sounds like a colorful lullaby, lulling you into a sense of happiness and calm. The girls’ bubbly vocals feel light over the simple percussions.

NewJeans’ Get Up is truly a no-skips record.

With such a short runtime, it’s an easy, but fun listen. Each track feels unique and stands on its own, even the interlude. With another EP under their belt, NewJeans continues to release innovative and youthful tracks that contrast what other K-pop artists are doing. So if you’re looking for a light, joyful collection of songs, Get Up might be for you.

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Get Up - NewJeans

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Get Up

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