Premiere: Factor Chandelier Preps Us for ‘First Storm’ with “Four Fifteen”

Factor Chandelier
Factor Chandelier
Factor Chandelier, canadian producer, drops video for “Four Fifteen,” the amuse-bouche to his soon-to-be-released album, ‘First Storm’, a culmination of 2 years of touring, collaborative projects, and fatherhood.
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Western Canada based producer, Factor Chandelier, is the founder, owner and operator of Side Road Records. His sounds span from movies to ads. Maybe you’ve heard his work in Adidas, MTV or Cadillac commercials. But this year he is set to co-release a full length album, First Storm, with the US label Fake Four Inc. Comprised of new instrumental tracks and vocal features from Factor’s frequent collaborators Ceschi, Myka 9, Kay the Aquanaut, Cadence Weapon, Mestizo, Dope KNife, Onry Ozzborn, Nomad, and Taylor Jade, the album is a culmination of 2 years of touring, collaborative projects, and fatherhood.

First Storm by Factor Chandelier
First Storm – Factor Chandelier

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the amuse-bouche to First Storm, a video track titled “Four Fifteen.” A brief introduction to the album at only 1 minute and 45 seconds, “Four Fifteen” captures the album’s heartbeat functioning as an exploration of the distinct sonic vocabulary Factor Chandelier brings to the table and how the birth of his son has complimented his creative process.

“‘Four Fifteen’ is the first song and introduction video for my new album First Storm,” Factor Chandelier tells Atwood Magazine. “The beat was composed mostly of sounds I recorded in the hospital hours after my son was born. It is his first breaths, heartbeat and sounds.”

Factor Chandelier
Factor Chandelier

The video for “Four Fifteen,” directed by Riley Deacon, was filmed out at a cabin in Saskatchewan, Canada. It captures the familiar through shots of a snowy, natural environment intertwined with the amorphous, alien-like imagery of Factor himself underneath a clear plastic cover ⏤ a glowing red object against a midnight blue sky. From his son’s heartbeat driving the tempo, to the navy blue clouds and light blue sky ⏤ “Four Fifteen” serves as the color palate for the album both in mood and meaning. The track features mostly percussive elements and a bare bones melody that sounds like plucked piano strings. Using samples from a sublime moment to create a track with an ominous sound illustrates Factor Chandelier’s inventive artistry. He flips the script on what you might expect from a demonstration of fatherhood or birth and new life, maintaining a sort of anxiety, ending it abruptly and leaving you wanting more.

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