Today’s Song: Kiana Valenciano Dives into Loving Naturally in “No Rush” ft. Billy Davis

Kiana Valenciano © DJ Magbanua
Kiana Valenciano © DJ Magbanua
Kiana Valenciano’s latest song “No Rush” dives deeper into experiencing everything that happens in the natural process of falling in love.
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Listen: “No Rush” – Kiana Valenciano feat. Billy Davis

If you’re going to fuse together pop and R&B with the hopes of your sound reflecting what falling in love slowly feels like, Kiana Valenciano is the voice that will show you exactly how you should do it. From Manila, Philippines, Valenciano has already reached stardom and success in her home country, bringing to audiences and airwaves her unique soul and stylistic force of showing off her honesty in her music without shame. It only makes sense that someone who has been surrounded by music her whole life could be this unafraid of sharing her emotions through song. In collaboration with producer Billy Davis, Valenciano’s latest song “No Rush” is a pop-fueled and soulful track that highlights the laid-back confidence of a comfortable love story.

No Rush - Kiana Valenciano feat. Billy Davis
No Rush – Kiana Valenciano feat. Billy Davis

Inspired by her father, Gary Valenciano’s major success in the Philippines and all over the world, music, performing, and entertainment has been something hugely present throughout Valenciano’s upbringing. In 2017, she independently released her debut single, “Does She Know,” which reached over 7 million streams on Spotify. In 2018, Valenciano’s first-ever EP, Grey, was nominated for the 2019 Awit Awards in the Philippines for Best Performance by a Female Artist. Fresh off the release of her first full-length album, See Me, last year, the singer is kicking off 2020 with a fresh new collaboration.

Created with Billy Davis (Brockhampton, Denzel Curry, NoName, Smino), Valenciano’s latest track, “No Rush” expresses the kind of confidence that would make every relationship the perfect one. Bursting with flavored airy instrumentals and the slightest hint of an electro-dance sound, it’s actually Valenciano’s sultry and soulful voice that transforms the song from a simple pop tune into a reassuring breath of fresh air.

Put your coat down
Come sit by me and don’t make a sound
It’s my turn now
I’ll prove my love, won’t leave room to doubt

From relaxed guitar sounds to synth tracks that flow like waves, what makes “No Rush” stand out from any other typical dance song is the fact that its message is one that leaves you thinking.

So many times will you hear a love song written about uncertainty or tragedy or heartbreak, but rarely will you ever hear the kind of energy and confidence that Valenciano gives off in this song while singing about embracing all the good and the bad that comes with learning to know someone else.

I wrote this thinking about how sometimes you just have to reassure your partner that you’re on the same page and there’s no need to rush the natural flow of the relationship.

The song’s sound sets the scene for a dim night at the club or for a room filled with smoke – a place full unknown and uncertainty. Yet everything from Valenciano’s voice to her honest lyrics cut down any kind of hesitation and allow room for reassurance. When it comes to soulmate searching, reassurance could just be one of the most powerful things, and the songstress doesn’t shy away from that. Lyrically, she’s open to experiencing both pain and happiness, accepting anything from a broken heart to allowing it to be fixed, and that alone is a profound declaration of love. Painful or pure bliss – or whatever it is, the experience is natural, and “No Rush” highlights the beauty in that.

Oh, my love meets no end.
My heart is yours to break or mend.

“I had the lyrics and a melody,” says Valenciano about the song’s writing process, “and once Billy started playing on the keys, I started singing along and it just went on from there. Often times couples get into arguments because of insecurities and pressure and I wrote this thinking about how sometimes you just have to reassure your partner that you’re on the same page and there’s no need to rush the natural flow of the relationship.” After working with Valenciano, Davis has shared about producing the track that it’s truly “One of my favorite songs I’ve ever created,” and has confidence that the song could reach new heights not just in the Philippines but all over the world.

“No Rush” is a song about taking your time in loving someone and experiencing every feeling possible with that person – good or bad.

With more song stories as creative and open as this one on the way, building a loving and loyal audience and fanbase, and making a memorable name for herself globally is something that’s bound to happen for Kiana Valenciano – no rush needed.

Listen: “No Rush” – Kiana Valenciano feat. Billy Davis

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