Premiere: Brother Brother Emerge with an Urgent Spirit on “Feels Like 1901”

1901 - Brother Brother
1901 - Brother Brother

The rush of guitars; the pulse of drums: Urgency courses through Brother Brother’s new single “Feels Like 1901,” an indie rock anthem that rushes out of the gate to hit you with immediacy and passion.

I just wanna live where it’s open
And bide my time till I’m an old man
But you get that, so I guess you were
Born in the wrong time too
Your smile reminds me of the movies
Where the guy is so nervous that he can’t speak
Well I speak then it’s just that
I don’t know what I’m saying
Listen: “Feels Like 1901” – Brother Brother
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Feels Like 1901,” the latest single off indie rock band Brother Brother’s upcoming album, The New Kids. The Nashville-based duo of brothers Bradley and Brett Anderson comes alive in their new release, blasting immediately into an objectively catchy string of whoa’s that get our hearts racing and feet tapping.

1901 - Brother Brother
1901 – Brother Brother
All the other kids seem to know the latest slang
But I feel like it’s 1901 when I say your name
I got time, I got time but I don’t need it
All I ever wanted, all I wanted was to be completed

“When we wrote this song, we wanted to embody a dichotomy between old and new,” explains Brother Brother. “Oscar Wilde said that ‘it’s only ever the modern that becomes old fashioned,’ and as newcomers to the music scene we felt like the best way to say hello would be to remind someone of that. This is one of the first songs we wrote for our upcoming album, The New Kids, and it really set a current for the rest of the record’s vibe.”

The verses find Brother Brother off and running, in search of purpose, place and meaning: The notion of being “born in the wrong time” rings heavily on our ears, and plays a critical role in the progression of the song’s story.

Everything leads up to the dynamic chorus, where old and new do, in fact, collide:

Throw slang and modern day out the doorway
I’ll wait for you I’ll wait for right here
And if old fashioned is okay tell me
I’ll wait for you I’ll wait for you this year

There’s something emphatically endearing about Brother Brother’s sentiment; they carry the same lasting message that rockers throughout the past 50+ years have lived by, from Lou Reed to Springsteen and beyond. They don’t speak for today, tomorrow or yesterday; rather; they invoke a feeling of restlessness and of displacement.

Some forgotten grace in your smile that time won’t tame
Makes me feel like it’s 1901 when I say your name
We all play the game, play the game but we can’t beat it
All we ever wanted, all we wanted was to be completed

There’s a lot to love about the now, but what’s most important for Brother Brother is that they thrive in it. With “Feels Like 1901,” it’s clear that this band will stop at nothing to make the most of what they’ve got, no matter where or when they are. Give them a listen via Atwood Magazine’s exclusive stream, and stay updated via their socials below!

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