Today’s Song: Fiona Harte Reminisces During Her Stay “At the Hotel”

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Singer/songwriter Fiona Harte illustrates staying in a hotel as a state of mind and a chance to remember good times in her latest single “At the Hotel.”
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Listen: “At The Hotel” – Fiona Harte

Staying in a hotel can oftentimes be novel and noteworthy- a respite from normalcy, free of life’s usual responsibilities and difficulties. But the thing about hotels is you always have to check out at the end of your stay. That brief moment of time between checking in and checking out is something folk singer/songwriter Fiona Harte nostalgically explores on her latest single, “At the Hotel.”

I know it’s late and I can’t tell
I just ring this shiny bell and
someone comes to me, ‘cause lately
I’ve been sleeping somewhere new
somewhere far away from you
and baby it’s alright
At The Hotel- Fiona Harte
At The Hotel- Fiona Harte

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Harte grew up listening to artists like Dolly Parton and Carole King which planted the seeds of her own sound and storytelling abilities. Those qualities are showcased in Harte’s hit 2018 single “White Picket Fence,” and are further developed on her new self-titled EP.

The EP’s lead single, “At The Hotel,” is structured like a memorable country song. Driven by acoustic guitar that rolls on like sea waves, the instrumentation backs Harte’s vocals, which are as clever as they are honey-like and mesmerizing. Harte illustrates staying in a hotel as a state of mind, ushered in by a powerful pre-choral turning point: ‘Well I drove for miles out to seafor it to rain down over me/ so I guess I’m free

With a grasp on that unsure freedom, Harte settles into her temporary hotel room, surrounded by new next-door neighbors, new scenery, and new routine- all to live inside of good memories for a little while. “The song tells a story of someone trying to remember the good times of a relationship at a time when it’s very easy to focus on the bad,” Harte tells Atwood Magazine, “[a chance to think] about special memories and try to stay there in your mind.”

Fiona Harte © Kristy Hal

I’ll be at the hotel
making mountains out of molehills
and backward counting.
I can’t be who you want me to be
but that’s fine with me 
I’ll just place my cards close to my chest
and wish you nothing but the best
until I come out of my shell,
I’ll be at the hotel

Though Harte realizes checkout is impending, “At The Hotel” is a moment of temporary escapism, a chance to forget the pain and bask in the good. And if your headspace is open to it, the song can provide at least four minutes of blissful escape for you too.

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Listen: “At The Hotel” – Fiona Harte

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At The Hotel- Fiona Harte

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