Premiere: frogi’s Intimate “til I turn blue” Is a Breathtaking Bedroom Pop Love Song

frogi © Tyreke Monterio
frogi © Tyreke Monterio
Hauntingly delicate and intimately beautiful, “til I turn blue” is the outer overhaul of an inner storm – a raw bedroom pop song that captures everything there is to love about Los Angeles artist frogi.
Stream: “til I turn blue” – frogi
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There’s an incredibly intimate quality about frogi’s new single – as if we’re right there in the room with her as she’s singing the words for the very first time, letting them pour out of her and spill freely into the world. Hauntingly delicate and beautiful, “til I turn blue” is the outer overhaul of an inner storm – a raw bedroom pop song that captures everything there is to love about Los Angeles artist frogi.

til I turn blue - frogi
til I turn blue – frogi
i guess you know i fell in love with you
and all things go but i’m not ready to
and the years fly
guess i don’t know you that well anymore
but i want to
cause i can’t close this door

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “til I turn blue,” frogi’s first single of 2020 and the follow-up to her 2019 debut EP, introvert. A singer, writer, and producer of exceptional vocal talent and creative skill, frogi is an up-and-coming tour de force out of the West Coast and an artist we should all be keeping close tabs on over the next year. Though her debut single “peace of mind” only released in summer 2019, frogi has amassed a quick following – in large part, thanks to her organic instrumentations and breathtaking singing. Her single “moonlight” has garnered over 333,000 global streams on Spotify alone, and yet it is only one example of greatness from an artist whose best work is still ahead of her.

Written with Jake Justice, “til I turn blue” showcases frogi’s ability to transform emotion from a personal experience into a universal, tangible feeling. Singing above a bed of warm pianos, the song is her most intimate work yet, as well as her most expressive. She sings, overladen with dazzling harmonies, about the “unbreakable connection between soulmates,” capturing the strength of that bond that transcends distance, time, and space. Describing it as a “love song through an honest lens,” the artist moves her listeners to feel the special impact of this most powerful of connections – taking us deep into our own heads as we think about those who mean the most to us, and how we relate to them. “Often what surrounds our deepest affections is complicated, but the love itself is simple,” frogi says.

you’re violet in a summer sky
you blow my mind
i guess that we fell apart
but there’s still time
i fall i fall i fall down
i fall i fall in you
i fall i fall i fall til i turn blue
i guess you know
i tend to disappear
baby i’m not gone
i’m just on past your wildest fears
frogi © Tyreke Monterio
frogi © Tyreke Monterio


p style=”text-align: justify;”>”til I turn blue” is cinematic despite its instrumental simplicity and scope; in opening up as much as she does, frogi turns a sweet, poignant song into a transcendent listen, aided even further by the stellar engineering work of co-producer Adam Moseley (KISS, The 
Cure, U2, Tina Turner).

For the artist, the beauty of this song lies in its innocent essence:  “My friend Jake sent me these piano chords one morning, and I immediately loved them,” frogi tells Atwood Magazine. “I had about two hours that day free, so I got my laptop out and wrote the song in about an hour. I messed with the arrangement a bit, and recorded the vocals with my MacBook mic. Those ended up being the lead vocals in the final version, which is something I do quite often actually. I really like raw, un-filtered vocals. I like to capture the emotion of the song at its very beginning, then polish it up around the rawness.”

She continues, “The song was inspired by this thing that my fiancé and I say sometimes – which is that if our relationship is a building, we always love each other on the first level. Even if there’s some bullshit going on on the fifth or seventh floor, it is always love on the first. This is kind of about that. I think it’s a good rule for any relationship – whether it be with others or yourself. Falling back to that deep, basic understanding of love time and time again is what strengthens us as humans. And sometime you’ve gotta do it ’til you’re blue in the face.”

I like to capture the emotion of the song at its very beginning, then polish it up around the rawness.

frogi © Tyreke Monterio
frogi © Tyreke Monterio

What a stirring, humbling sentiment: To always recognize that you will love one another, no matter what, through thick and thin – recognizing that there’s nothing in this world that could untie your knot, or separate your souls. Love often feels complex, but deep down it really is much simpler than science. It’s love!

Vulnerable and commanding, “til I turn blue” resonates as a stirring reminder of love’s beauty, its innocence, and its magnificence. Stream frogi’s exciting new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from this rising LA artist!

Stream: “til I turn blue” – frogi
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til I turn blue - frogi

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