Today’s Song: FLOWVERS Return with Soaring & Searing Single “Far Away”

FLOWVERS © Indy Brewer
FLOWVERS © Indy Brewer
A soaring indie rock upheaval full of feverish energy and raw, radiant passion, Portsmouth band FLOWVERS’ new single “Far Away” is as exhilarating as it is expressive.
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Stream: “Far Away” – FLOWVERS

Take me far away, I’m far too young to have this much to say…

A soaring indie rock upheaval full of feverish energy and raw, radiant passion, FLOWVERS’ latest single is as exhilarating as it is expressive: Churning and charming, turbulent and unrelenting, “Far Away” roars to life as the Portsmouth band make their memorable return to the fore, using all the tools at their disposal to craft a rip-roaring, energizing experience for all.

Fall in one by one
If I had the choice then I’d go out on the run
Leave your thoughts and your money
and make sure they’re idle
I hear some pretty words
They sound so clear but my god are they absurd
And I heard that if a fallen tree
meant so much to me

Released August 6, 2021, “Far Away” marks an exciting homecoming for one of the UK’s most dynamic up-and-coming bands. The South Coast four-piece of Matisse Moretti, Stanley Powell, Henry Wood, and Connor Griffiths, FLOWVERS blasted their way into our lives with last year’s debut EP Throwaway Generation, an electrifying five-track roller-coaster ride through teenage angst and inner tension. Upon the record’s early 2020 release, Atwood Magazine praised it as “a delicious upheaval of generational anxiety and restlessness.”

These same deep-seated emotions run rampant throughout “Far Away,” coming alive as the band build a cinematic soundscape through tasteful guitar harmonics and stinging overdrive. Lead vocalist Matisse Moretti dwells in the depths of self in the song’s chorus whilst instruments reach a fever pitch all around him:

Take me far away
I’m far too young to have this much to say
I’ve been born back through the sight of you
I’m too far gone to know to know what’s wrong with my me.

“‘Far Away’ was written over the last two years. The initial hook was what Stan used to play when warming up in rehearsals and it morphed into the intro and then it was plain sailing from there,” FLOWVERS share. “We jammed it and it became more and more apparent that when we came to record it would need a big sound.”

“The lyrics talk about angst, a recurrent theme in our songs. Lines like ‘Take me so far away’ captured the feeling of a lockdown where one may have felt like they had nowhere to go.”

FLOWVERS' Debut EP Is Pure, Angsty, & Fun Indie Rock for the 'Throwaway Generation'

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The guns have all been stolen
Sold to the highest bidder at the auction
In the corner of the room
She went to consume all evening
Take me far away
I’m far too young to have this much to say
I’ve been born back through the sight of you
I’m far too gone to know to know what’s wrong…

We’ve all had moments of turmoil over the past year, whether brought on by the pandemic directly or the innumerable things outside our current control. Restless and yearning, “Far Away” is a refreshing expression of our helplessness; of dealing with that which we can see, but we cannot materially impact – at least, not in the way we wish we could. In moments like this, all we want to do is “break free”; to find some kind of external catharsis. FLOWVERS don’t offer any direct answers on “Far Away,” but in channeling that need for release, they give all who need one a means of feeling free of our daily pressures, if only for a few minutes. Here’s to hoping we hear more new music from this band over the coming months.

Cradle me discreetly
Say everything that you have against me
I won’t be heard
I won’t be seen
I’m too far gone if you know what I mean.
Take me so far away
Go on and take me

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Stream: “Far Away” – FLOWVERS

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