Today’s Song: London’s goldenbloom Taste the Sour Side of “LOVE”

Goldenbloom music 2020
Goldenbloom music 2020
Fresh-faced indie post-punkers goldenbloom sound wildly promising on “LOVE,” the lead single from the London trio’s debut project.
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Taking their first steps as a trio in just May of this year, you might expect London-based triogoldenbloom to still be tinkering with ideas and trying out demos in one of the local dive bars, but the reality is far from it. With an untapped desire to prove themselves, the trio has soaed ahead, capitalising on their clear chemistry by recently sharing their debut project LIFE, a three-track powerhouse with a punk-fuelled sound that is unequivocally theirs.

LOVE - goldenbloom
LOVE – goldenbloom

What stands out from them is, whilst clearly inspired by the powerful wave of modern punk, their music doesn’t bite heavily on their contemporaries – a circumstance often found with new artists. Sure, there are flavours of early The Horrors and IDLES that are fused with the themes championed by garage rock greats The Hives and The White Stripes, but it’s woven together with an indie backbone that puts their distinct character at the forefront.

Lead single “Love” immediately jumps out at you from the project for more than a handful of reasons; a gritty baseline sets the tone as vocalist Jordan Walker’s lovesick tones spins a yarn, miring on the typical love song formula.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
How long does it take
to write a love song for you?
Oh I’ve swallowed broken glass,
and I’d even chew
there ain’t a single thing
that I wouldn’t do for love

He’s alluding to his desire, yet inability to write a love song, finding that it felt forced when he tried. The thought process led him to write a song about being unable to, and inadvertently, wrote one simultaneously.

Goldenbloom music 2020
Goldenbloom music 2020

“LOVE” could also be viewed as the antithesis of a love song due to the malice it’s delivered with and the painful metaphors to which Walker often equates love.

The verses sway between two poles, amorous and bitterness, giving a non-descript, yet seemingly personal insight into the motivations for the song, applying mannerisms and phrases that can easily be found relatable. This all, however, sets the tone for the simple, yet iconic chorus; an overdriven wall of sound fills your ears as Walker spells out the song title in a gravelly fashion wrought with angst. The process repeats, with the trio upping the energy, and building towards a euphoric crescendo led by a messy and perfectly executed guitar solo that wraps up the three minutes of adrenaline with dutiful ease.

goldenbloom perform with a skill far beyond their mere eight months as an act, sharing one of the most promising projects for a new artist this year, and proving that they are more than worth keeping tabs on for 2020.

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LOVE - goldenbloom

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