Today’s Song: “Before the Vomit,” Amir Obè’s Drunken Confession

Amir Obè
Amir Obè
"Before the Vomit" single art - Amir Obè
“Before the Vomit” single art – Amir Obè

A million thoughts run through our minds every day, and many of those we share with the people around us. It’s so important in today’s society that we share our opinions and knowledge, otherwise you could be left behind. Many view being able to freely share your thoughts a strength; you are looked at highly if you are able to share what you think without worry for what others may think of you. This is a skill that can benefit you all throughout life. On the other hand, there’s a side to our minds that everyone hides. That one space in your brain that holds your most scandalous thoughts – those opinions you want to share but just can’t.

Think it when I’m sober, say it when I’m drunk

Listen: “Before the Vomit” – Amir Obè

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I could truly write a novel with the things I would like to say but stop myself from saying on a daily basis. Not even the most confident person reveals everything that comes to their mind. The truth usually doesn’t come out until the most hazy of nights. It’s always the ones you can’t remember that your true self comes out; admitting every facet of yourself that you probably should have kept to yourself. We can always count on good old “liquid confidence” to help us say the things we want to say, but are otherwise too shy to admit. Amir Obè explores this concept throughout “Before the Vomit.” It’s an honest and drunken confession that you can’t help but vibe to.

I can’t trust a girl that’s heard it all before

Throughout the song, Amir Obè confesses his insecurities in an intoxicated stupor. He explains how he wants this one girl but feels that she doesn’t want him for him. Our heart strings are tugged with words like “she don’t love me, she just love potential.” One cannot help but find oneself imagining being in the same situation and feeling the same. Not many of us like to own to up to inhibitions such as these, and it’s humbling listening to Obè shamelessly moan through it.

Amir Obè © 2015
Amir Obè © 2015

As soon as the song begins, the mood is instantly set. We are first welcomed by an ominous intro that surrounds our headspace. It immediately reminds one of a cloudy room, and it’s easy to imagine the song being created in such a dusky environment. Amir Obè then comes in swiftly and carries on in a way that sounds so carefree yet still has an assertiveness that cannot be missed. You can hear the conviction in his words become increasingly more solid as he sings into the chorus. This is rightfully so as he shifts into trying to convince this girl why he’s right for her.

When you’re seriously wanting someone and you want them to feel the same, you begin to say anything to make them feel the same way you do. Obè showcases this exactly with emotionally charged lines such as, “Tell me all your wrongs, I’ll take the blame.” This situation is only magnified when one isn’t sober, and that’s a theme that is apparent all throughout “Before the Vomit.”

Tryna figure you out, but you hard to read bae
I’m just honest, these promises hard to keep bae
See you run through my nightmares, it’s hard to sleep bae

“Before the Vomit” is an honest ballad that maintains an infectious beat that you can’t help but bob your head to. The muffled sound of the drums fades in and out on the offbeat to create a waviness throughout the song. The easygoing yet carefree production paired with Amir Obè’s poetic admissions creates a song with genuine swagger.

Obè is an up-and-coming artist who has recently gained much popularity thanks to features on Drake’s hip hop centered, OVO Sound Radio. He may have gained attention on his latest EP, Won’t Find Love in the Hills (March 2016 via Neighborhood PHCK$ / EMPIRE), but he has been consistent with making numerous smooth hits since his older releases. If this song is the product of a night where he may have gotten a little too turnt, we can only imagine the depths that can be reached during sobriety.

Won't Find Love in the Hills - Amir Obè
Won’t Find Love in the Hills – Amir Obè
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Listen: Won’t Find Love in the Hills [EP] – Amir Obè

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