Premiere: Hayden Everett Marks His Turning Point in Hypnotic Debut “Color”

Hayden Everett © Brandon Peterson
Hayden Everett © Brandon Peterson
Singer/songwriter Hayden Everett marks a meaningful shift in perspective in debut single “Color,” an ambient and reflective indie pop song.
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Everyone needs an anchor every now and then; a quiet moment to settle the mind and reconfigure, as well as to compare where we are, to where we want to be. Are we spending our days the way we desire? Are our actions and behaviors lined up with our goals and our priorities?

Saying it is one thing – but recognizing our faults without taking action is little more than being a bystander to our own mistakes. Still, it’s a start – and one we must each take as we commit to self-improvement and betterment. Singer/songwriter Hayden Everett marks a meaningful shift in perspective in his debut single “Color,” an ambient and reflective indie pop song.

Color - Hayden Everett
Color – Hayden Everett
we’re wrapped up in the color
we’re wrapped up in the color
Do I know Him like a father
Gone cold now you’re running
Stacking ladders on the money
It hurts bad when you’re falling

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Color,” the debut single from Bay Area newcomer Hayden Everett. Mixing cool licks and buoyant melodies into an ambient and moody landscape, Everett’s introduction taps into the current strain of indie pop while also maintaining a certain timeless sonic quality. His sounds evoke a well-developed balance of emotions ranging from joy and celebration, to nostalgia, doubt, wonder, and hope.

In his first step up into the world, Everett makes a powerful self-reflective statement recognizing and reassessing his values. “We so commonly get fixated on stuff that ultimately disappoints — image and money and status and things,” Everett tells Atwood Magazine. “‘Color’ marks a point where I realized my priorities in the most convicting sense. It captures the tension of holding this conviction while not fully acting on it.”

With its intimate lyrics and ethereal, earthy ambiance, “Color” proves to be as spiritually fulfilling as it is sonically stirring. Take a lesson from this song and stop for a minute: Ask yourself, Am I investing my life the way I want to be?

Stream Hayden Everett’s debut single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from this very talented up-and-comer: We certainly can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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Color - Hayden Everett

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