“Watching as your words unwind”: Brooklyn’s Hipsy Gap “Fantasize” With an Aching Indie Rock Reverie

Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman
Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman
Dramatic and dreamy, Hipsy Gap’s new single “Fantasize” is a churning indie rock reverie dwelling in the depths of distress, heartache, tension, and emotional turmoil. The Brooklyn band’s third single proves their worth as an artist to watch in 2024!
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I see the signs, but I push all the meaning to the side.

Charming and churning, cathartic and kaleidoscopic, “Fantasize” is, true to its name, an indie rock daydream… of sorts. Hipsy Gap have a way with words and sounds, and the Brooklyn band wield both to great effect in their impassioned new single as they dwell in the depths of distress and heartache.

Fantasize / Uno - Hipsy Gap
Fantasize / Uno – Hipsy Gap
Hand hold, old game
Not believing what you say
New tricks, new flame
It’ll die off just like always
Count days, keep time
Following our path to demise
I know you’re lying
Watching as your words unwind
I see the signs,
but I push all the meaning to the side

I fantasize,
masquerade all the silenced
feelings I try to hide

It’s a dreamy, dramatic reverie – an inner reckoning brought to life through reverb-drenched guitars, roaring drums, and stunning vocals that send shivers down the spine.

Independently released January 12, 2024 as a double-single together with the song “Uno,” “Fantasize” is a sweltering seduction built on tension and turmoil. All those words we don’t speak, all those thoughts we keep to ourselves, and all those emotions we bury deep down inside, they come boiling up at once, spilling out in a feverish, frenzied rush of radiant sound.

Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman
Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman

Introducing themselves just this past September, Hipsy Gap are a five-piece comprised of vocalist Makenzie Correll, guitarist Daniel Walsh, bassist Paul Ortega, drummer Ben Thomas, and guitarist Eduardo Palacios. Their third and fourth songs respectively, “Fantasize” and “Uno” follow the band’s dazzling, dynamic debut single “Scarface” and its explosive sophomore follow-up, “I Was Right.” Both of their new tracks incorporate elements of psychedelia, dream pop, ’90s alternative, shoegaze, and more – but, true to their own style (and no one else’s), Hipsy Gap pour those influences and inspirations into a melting pot of spirited, colorful indie rock vigor.

“To me, the coolest thing about our band is we all have massively different inspirations, and just because I wrote a song inspired by shoegaze, doesn’t mean it turns out to be a shoegaze song,” Hipsy Gap guitarist Daniel Walsh says with a laugh. “Eduardo probably doesn’t even know what shoegaze is.”

“It’s been really fun to find the sound together… and we’re still exploring!” Walsh told Obscure Sound in January. “Whatever happens, it’s gonna be a big year for us.”

The would-be a-side of the double-single, “Fantasize” finds Hipsy Gap soundtracking the breakdown of a relationship as it happens to a broken-hearted soul in real time. Makenzie Correll’s lyrics cut deep: She’s weary, tired, burned, and frustrated, yet still it hurts to call it quits to what was once something so full of love and connection. “I see the signs, but I push all the meaning to the side,” she laments in a visceral chorus. “I fantasize, masquerade all the silenced feelings I try to hide.”

Silent laughter
Beating myself up right after
Real tears, fake cry
Always ending in disaster
Open closure
Wishing we could just start over
Lost faith, found out why
Gardens can’t grow four leaf clovers
I see the signs, but I push the all meaning to the side
I fantasize, masquerade all the silenced feelings I try to hide
Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman
Hipsy Gap © Lauren Redman

“‘Fantasize’ recounts the downfall of a relationship that was way overdue,” Makenzie Correll tells Atwood Magazine. “One person is halfway out the door while the other is still holding on, yet not oblivious to the signs.”

“Eventually one person needs to let go in order to protect their heart and that’s how the song ends; with the lyric, ‘this time our love’s gone for good.’ The emotion is more nostalgic than the other two songs we have put out. Stylistically, we’re borrowing from a lot of different genres on this one, but that’s what our band is all about.”

Now all the clouds have turned gray
And I can’t recall my own name
All our memories on display
Make sure bad ones don’t replay
Feeling shallow
Walking hand in hand with shadows
Time to let you go
This time our loves gone for good

“Fantasize” is an emotionally charged fever dream – and one we’d gladly have every night, provided Hipsy Gap came with it. The Brooklyn five-piece dazzle even in their darkest depths – and between this song and “Uno,” they prove their worth as an artist to watch in 2024!

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Stream: “Fantasize” – Hipsy Gip

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Fantasize / Uno - Hipsy Gap

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