“A healthy kind of sweet”: Peach Luffe’s Love-Soaked ‘Honey’ EP Is a Natural High

Peach Luffe © Alex Lam
Peach Luffe © Alex Lam
Peach Luffe’s Jong Lee glows with warm light and love on his sweetly seductive new EP ‘Honey,’ a spirited, soaring, and smile-inducing indie pop record basking in the heat of intimate connection.
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True to its name, Peach Luffe’s Honey is a sweetly seductive rush.

Jong Lee’s music has always been charming and irresistibly inviting, but on his latest EP, he turns that allure up to a ten – dazzling his audience with radiant melodies and rich vocal performances wrapped in warm, soul-soaked soundscapes that uplift, enchant, and inspire. The indie pop artist glows with bright light and love on Honey, a spirited, soaring, and smile-inducing record basking in the blissful, sweaty heat of the moment.

Honey - Peach Luffe
Honey – Peach Luffe
Back when we had it all
It was magic can’t you see
With you I was complete
When you called me your love
Your words were just enough
To keep from giving up
Honeymoon days forever
I’ll follow where you go
There’s no one compared to you
– “Honeymoon,” Peach Luffe

Released March 8, 2024 via Nettwerk Music Group, Honey is a sun-kissed frolic through love’s intimate, woodsy wonderland. Arriving a full year after last April’s Fish Bowl EP – a record about personal growth, shifting priorities, and noticing change as it happens to you, in real time – the six-track Honey sees Peach Luffe’s Jong Lee bathing in the sweet rays of good love.

“I think I finally received a crash course on relationships!” the Toronto-based artist and producer tells Atwood Magazine. “Being in a healthy relationship is quite foreign to many people, including me. It brings out everything about yourself. It forces you to be honest and vulnerable, and that’s scary. I needed a lot of reassurance, and words of affirmation were key. Honey is a healthy kind of sweet.”

“Personally, I think it’s my best vocal work to date! I’ve always been shy of my voice, but Honey feels pretty good!”

Peach Luffe © Alex Lam
Peach Luffe © Alex Lam

A favorite of our pages for several years now, Jong Lee began releasing music in the mid-2010s under the moniker Jong SL. He “rebranded” and introduced Peach Luffe to the world in 2019, combining one of his favorite fruits with his favorite manga/anime character (Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece) to create an artistry felt honest and authentic. These same qualities have been resoundingly true of Peach Luffe’s music as well; he’s treated fans to a plethora of beautiful EPs, mixtapes, and one spectacular debut album over the past five years, and while Honey is on one hand the latest in a gorgeous string of releases, it also feels like Lee’s most mature, cohesive, and cathartic offering to date.

He says the process was similar to making his past EPs. “My mindset was a bit more chaotic going into it, though,” he adds. “I was like, LET’S PUT DISTORTION ON THE DRUMS. In ‘Quite Like You,’ the tones were a bit blown out. I really love the intensity. Say, if it was 2022, I would’ve been a bit scared to do that.”

He candidly describes Honey as sweet, needy, and worried. Of the title, “Honey is the only sweet sugar that I need!” he exclaims. “I’ve been trying to stop artificial sugar like candy. And I’m experiencing such a healthy relationship currently! Plus, I like calling someone honey.”

Peach Luffe © Alex Lam
Peach Luffe © Alex Lam

Highlights abound throughout Honey‘s seventeen-minute journey through sweet musical serenity.

Lee wears his heart unapologetically on his sleeve as he explores what it’s recently been like to become one of two; his writing touches on romance, vulnerability, friendship, all the little bits of wonder and beauty that come with intimate connection. Lead single “Say It Back” is a catchy, soul-stirring ballad channeled into an exhilarating three-minute anthem: All those visceral, heat-of-the-moment emotions we feel in the midst of a fight with our partner erupt as Peach Luffe sets a heavy, aching scene, ultimately looking for his love to repeat back to him those three words of reassurance and devotion that we so often yearn to hear – I love you.

I don’t wanna say goodnight
Before we speak our minds
Let’s lay it all on the line
Say it back, say it back to me
Don’t hold back, don’t hold back on me
Tell me that you want me
Just tell me you still love me

“Getting into an argument with your significant other before going to bed is always an awful feeling,” Lee explains. “I personally wanna get it cleared up before sleeping, but sometimes the other person isn’t like that. All I want is, no matter what, we say “I love you” before we head to bed. Even if we hate each other at that moment.”

In the heat of the moment, when you and I collide
Just remember what we have is hard to find
Sometimes we forget
We’re not competing for the top with each other
We’re on the same team all the time

“Say It Back” is raw and unapologetically human – a candid expression of what love looks like in real life, and a perfect slice out of Honey‘s musical pie.

Opening track “Quite Like You” is another instantly memorable revelry, home to some of Lee’s favorite lyrics: “There’s no one quite like you, who knows me like you do, I’ve always had my trouble being open,” he sings, exposed and unafraid to be true to himself.

The glistening “Honeymoon” comes to life as a melancholy, wistful daydream, the intimate “Honeybee” is an achingly visceral confession grappling with both love’s sweetness and intimacy’s simultaneous complexities, and “Smile” is a soothing, soul-stirring declaration of affection (Lee says the violins in the latter are one of his favorite parts of the whole record).

Peach Luffe © Alex Lam
Peach Luffe © Alex Lam

A beautiful, shimmering, deeply vulnerable exhale, Honey is a natural high.

Peach Luffe spills his heart and soul throughout six dulcet songs that capture the depth, the intensity, and the unabating warmth of love. There’s no doubt that he’s in a good place right now, and as these songs show, with good love comes great music.

“I wish listeners feel a sense of calm and less worry,” Lee ultimately shares. “It shows it’s okay to be vulnerable.”

Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside Peach Luffe’s Honey EP with Atwood Magazine as Jong Lee goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of his latest release!

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:: Inside Honey ::

Honey - Peach Luffe

— —

Quite Like You

I was always taught to be stoic and keep my inner demons to myself. Whenever I’m going through something, I’ll just keep it inside and figure it out myself. I was afraid to come off as weak or vulnerable. I hate to admit it but even in relationships, I was nervous to open up completely. I’m just obsessed with the chorus halftime! Reminds of my childhood when I used to listen to My Chemical Romance.

Say It Back

I’ve been reflecting quite a lot on healthy relationships. Turns out I’ve been toxic without even knowing. My ego and pride didn’t wanna take a hit. Which made me more defensive than I needed to be. I’m not a kid anymore. I have to take responsibility on how I display my emotions. “Say It Back” is my fastest song to date, BPM-wise. Somehow I made it sound it chill and slow…


Why is it that you can never tell when you’re living in the good times? It’s hard to accept that you won’t be able to relive these sweet moments again. And even if you try to replicate it, it’s not the same. “Honeymoon” isn’t a love song actually, it’s about the good times you spent with your friends. But it’s painted as a love song.


Often I don’t feel worthy of love in any forms. I feel like my worth is based on accomplishments to which I can’t say I’ve got much. Because of that, it’s a struggle for me to date. Maybe I’m brainwashed by society in thinking that. Love is conditional. “Honeybee” sounds sweet, yet uneasy to listen for me. I can’t put my finger around it.


I was having a convo and I realized, no one really asks how my day is going. Even on dates, I never really got asked that question. But I finally met someone who did! It really lit me up and made me really appreciate them. Seeing their smile is an instant mood booster! My favourite violin parts I’ve ever made are in this song!


Easily the most depressing lyrics I made I think. It’s funny because the instrumental is so playful. It’s the perfect way I express myself. I’m not sulky or visibly depressed when I talk about it. The song reminds of me Charlie and chocolate factory for some reason!

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Honey - Peach Luffe

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