Premiere: Indulgent As Ever, WESLEE Return with Irresistible “London Love”

WESLEE © Sergio Necoechea
WESLEE © Sergio Necoechea
An irresistible, intoxicating experience, WESLEE’s “London Love” is a sun-soaked love song drizzled with passion and devil-may-care charm – a buoyant escape into our innermost fantasies.
Stream: “London Love” – WESLEE
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There’s just something about a London boy that gets me every time.

Get on your dancing shoes and close your eyes: You’re going to a happy place. WESLEE’s hypnotic new single “London Love” is the lush, soulful summer indulgence we’ve been waiting for throughout the cold months. A sun-soaked love song to London drizzled with passion and dipped in devil-may-care charm, “London Love” is the buoyant escape ready to unlock our innermost fantasies.

Even if it’s only for the moment.

London Love - Weslee
London Love – WESLEE
My guy from Stokey
Would try and keep it lowkey
My guy from Peckham
Would always put me second
My guy from Chelsea
Would always flex on me
And my Camden guy was moving way too slow
My guy from Brixton
He would talk but never listen
My guy from Kensal
He was fucking with my mental
Had a guy from Acton
Now I can’t stand him
And my Stratford guy is better on his own

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “London Love,” WESLEE’s first single of 2019 and the lead single off their forthcoming sophomore EP. The inter-continental musical duo of vocalist Emma DD and producer Josh Grant, WESLEE thrive on nuanced alternative electronic music and experimental R&B sounds. Self-described as an “accident waiting to happen,” the pair met in 2014 when Emma DD relocated from London to New York City, where she met Kansas native Josh Grant. They released their intimate debut single “Gassed,” followed by a string of immersive and million+ streaming songs that ultimately led to June 2018’s debut EP, 9F.

“London Love” heralds WESLEE’s return a day shy of their EP’s anniversary. The vibing release, inspired by time, place, and connections, finds Grant now living in London and DD now based in Los Angeles – an Anglo-American culture swap, so-to-speak. A deep house beat and warm steel drums help set a carefree tone as DD lists a lyrical string of failed suitors.

My guy from Norwood
Was way too forward
My guy from Clapton
He could never get me laughing
Had a guy from New Cross
But that was his loss
And my Kentish guy was always on his phone
My guy from Finsbury
Still text he miss me
My guy from Dalston
He was nothing but a problem
Had a guy from Clapham
Don’t know what happened
And my archway guy his eyes would always roam

I cannot help but need that London love,” she croons in the chorus, swimming in a pool of synthesized beats and electric pulses. “North West right to South East – that London love.” DD’s vocals evoke sweetness – an easy, freeing lust for life embracing the heat of the moment.

“This song is honestly just my reality, ha!”  Emma DD tells Atwood Magazine. “Living in NY and now LA, I’ve had my run-ins with American guys but there’s just something about a London boy that gets me every time. This song to me is a love song in a way, not to the boys but more the city itself! What can I say – you can take the girl outta London, but not London outta the girl.”

WESLEE © Sergio Necoechea
WESLEE © Sergio Necoechea
Roehampton was boring
And Tottenham was stalling
But still I keep wanting
That London love
Wood Green didn’t please me
And Soho was needy
Want someone to give me
That London love
Putney was a cheater
And Vauxhall no keeper
I still got the need for
That London love
Crouch End was too lazy
And Tooting too crazy
Can someone just show me
That London love

DD’s raw, free-spirited delivery mixed with Grant’s lush, minimalist instrumentals and production help elevate “London Love” into an irresistible, intoxicating experience. Listen to “London Love” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and dive deeper into WESLEE’s new music with our interview below. WESLEE will headline ‘BBC Introducing’ at The Lexington in London on June 6th.

No matter how we feel about London or British and American suitors, we can all comfortably fall for “London Love.”

Weslee © Sergio Necoechea
Weslee © Sergio Necoechea


Atwood Magazine: How did you choose “London Love” as the single for your second EP?

Josh Grant: It’s our love song to London and London in the summer is a vibe and to us it feels like a summer tune. It seemed like a fun way to start putting out music again.

What is your personal connection to “London Love”? Why is this song special?

Grant: Disclaimer – Emma has not been in relationships with all of these people, but some of them are based on real people. It’s more that it’s a general song to and for London. Emma is from here and grew up here, so obviously London is in her blood and I {Josh} sort of found myself after moving here. In a full-on cheesy way, London has changed me for the better. It’s a very important place for both of us and this is sort of our song to the city that we both love. There isn’t enough time in the world to shout out every neighborhood so if yours was missed, we are sorry and we still love you.

How have you grown as a band since releasing your first EP?

Grant: I think we’ve become more connected as people and so the new music sort of reflects that. With anything over time you either become closer or farther apart, and even though we are still thousands of miles apart our friendship is always evolving, so I think you will be able to hear that in the music.

London Love - Weslee
London Love – WESLEE

What is different, do you find, between your first and second EPs? Do you feel certain nuances and changes?

Grant: For the first EP, everything was created in London, and with the second EP a lot of it has been made in Los Angeles. You can hear that influence, you can hear the way a city makes you feel. Sonically I think we’ve become a little more minimal as well: “London Love” is fun and you wanna dance to it, while everything else is a little more personal (in sound) and makes you feel something.

Who are you listening to right now, and who else should be on our radar?

Grant: Been listening to PartyNextDoor who is already on everyone’s radar – ready for some new music from him!

Stream: “London Love” – WESLEE
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London Love - Weslee

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