Artist to Watch: The Buzz About Bristol’s HUNNY BUZZ, an Indie Pop Band With an Irresistible Sound

Making music that is equal parts sweet, spicy, and seductive, Bristol band HUNNY BUZZ could very well be the next big thing in the indie pop canon. With infectious passion, invigorating energy, and a debut EP on the horizon, they are an undeniable artist to watch in 2024!
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Stream: “Now I can get over you” – HUNNY BUZZ

Their melodies are bold, their lyrics catchy, their music fun, in-your-face, and utterly electrifying.

Just five songs into their career, Bristol’s HUNNY BUZZ are a definitive bright spark on the indie pop horizon – and their star is shining brighter by the day.

The four-piece of Lydia Read, Rowan Barfoot, Bill Pedrick, and Ewan Base deliver radiant, spirited singalongs with infectious passion and invigorating energy, inviting audiences to join in as they eagerly unravel the mysteries of life and love. The band’s punchy debut single “Love Me Like You Used To,” released in February 2022, set the tone from the start with roaring electric guitars, sweltering drum beats, and a captivating reflection on past and present romance courtesy of Read.

Flash forward to this past summer, and their single “Now I can get over you” finds the band catapulting gracefully through feelings of nostalgia and closure, riding high on an irresistibly upbeat anthem that hits hard and leaves a lasting mark:

Now I Can Get Over You - HUNNY BUZZ
Now I can get over you – HUNNY BUZZ

HUNNY BUZZ’s latest single, “Deli Man,” sees them at their most bittersweet and brooding – yet nonetheless buoyant, warm, and wondrous. “[It’s] a song about strength and acceptance of the little things in life,” Read tells Atwood Magazine. “It reflects on mental health and dealing with people who don’t thoroughly understand, or at least try to.” The band hit their stride in a cathartic chorus whose comforting and heartfelt lyrics aim to motivate, soothe, and inspire:

And I may have no job, but at least I’m well
And I don’t have no money,
but that’s fine for 21, right?

You don’t have a clue,
in your small mind world
Heaven forbid, I’m not nothing like you
Heaven forbid, I feel sorry for you

Youthful, energizing, and absolutely unapologetic – and with a debut EP on the way – HUNNY BUZZ are an undeniable artist to watch in 2024. Their first EP, welcome to our garden, is due out early next year, and they recently completed their first UK tour, making now the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon and become a fan.

On the topic of the EP, Read shares, “The songs represent colour, life, character, youth, love, and mental health.”

“The band has a natural and creative vibe, from what we wear and the people we are to the sound of our music. The EP is the opening of HUNNY BUZZ and welcomes the listener into our world of colour and magnificence.”

Taking inspiration from bands like Wolf Alice and Alvvays, HUNNY BUZZ are quickly finding their own voice – and their step – in the alternative lexicon. Marrying cinematic performance with soul-stirring emotion, their songs still feel fresh on the tenth and twentieth listen – a quality that bodes well for this young band’s longevity.


True to their name, HUNNY BUZZ are worth all the hype.

Making music that is equal parts sweet, spicy, and seductive, they could very well be the next big thing in the indie pop canon, and we can’t wait to see how high they fly.

Atwood Magazine caught up with the British band in their first-ever interview to talk about their influences, their sound, songwriting, and more. Get lost in the refreshing reveries and raw reckonings of their current five-song catalog, and stay tuned for much more to come from HUNNY BUZZ in the near future; Pacific Wax is due out in early 2024!

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Now I Can Get Over You - HUNNY BUZZ

Atwood Magazine: Great to meet you, HUNNY BUZZ! For starters, do you mind introducing yourselves? Who are you, where are you from, and how long have you been playing together?

HUNNY BUZZ: Myself Lyd, Rowan, Ewan, and Bill. All of us are roughly from the Southwest, currently living in Clifton, Bristol. We all met at the university of BIMM Bristol, and have been a band for almost three years now.

What’s the story behind your band name?

HUNNY BUZZ: I think the name ‘Hunny Buzz’ was a suggestion from my mum. I was looking for something fun and bubbly, so that just worked.


You debuted last year with “Love Me Like You Used To” and “Short Black Skirt.” Can you share a bit about these songs, and why you chose them as your first two singles?

HUNNY BUZZ: “Short Black Skirt” was one of the first songs that I had written for Hunny Buzz, and one where Rowan added some pretty lead guitar for the first time. I would say it was the song that began the roll of songwriting for Hunny Buzz.

In a few sentences, what is “Short Black Skirt” about, and what does it mean to you?

HUNNY BUZZ: Its story is based on the beginning chapter of a new love and the excitement of meeting someone. The song has personal meaning to me because it is a chapter of my life that felt new and free due to moving to a new city.

You've since released the songs “Girlfriend in the Band,” “Love Me Like You Used To,” and most recently “Now I can get over you.” How do you feel these songs have further fleshed out who HUNNY BUZZ is?

HUNNY BUZZ: The songs all have distinctive meaning behind them, which is what makes their stories individual from each other. However, they all have in common the stories of young love that relate to relationship struggles, romantic closure, and just the journeys love takes us on.

What's Bristol's music scene been like for you over the past year and a half?

HUNNY BUZZ: The music scene in Bristol is always vibrant and busy, that’s why we love it here as a band. Over this time, we’ve seen our audience grow here and some fans who are now great friends of ours. We have recently played The Louisiana, where we recently had our first sellout headliner. We love the music and atmosphere in Bristol, and I couldn’t wish for a different place that would flourish the early stages of the band’s journey as much as Bristol has.

Who else do you recommend coming out of Bristol these days?

HUNNY BUZZ: I would recommend BIMM bands in Bristol as upcoming brilliant artists/bands because there is so much hidden talent out there – one of my favourites is JAZMYN, who supported our headline show.

Congratulations on the release of “Now I can get over you”! Can you share a little about the story behind this song? What’s this track about?

HUNNY BUZZ: “Now I can get over you” is about the acceptance of getting over somebody, and it’s about the closure of letting them go. This one’s all about young love, and the journey of teenagers in love.


The lyrics tell a story of a relationship gone off the rails. How close does this story come to real life, and how much were you pulling from your own past(s)?

HUNNY BUZZ: The lyrics are pretty raw but that’s how I like to write them. They are straight to the point as the story unravels throughout. A lot of personal growth and meaning was put into this song and I’m proud to write about stories that relate to us all.

“Now I can get over you” also leans into that catharsis we feel when we can finally move on. Did writing this song represent a part of that process?

HUNNY BUZZ: Definitely. I only write songs I feel passionately about, otherwise there wouldn’t be any motivation to write them. Writing this song made me reflect and allowed me to feel even more acceptance of the situation and story.

Is songwriting a form of therapy for you?

HUNNY BUZZ: Yes, writing songs helps me write down my thoughts that need to be out. It has always been a form of therapy since the I was sixteen. Other than the love of songwriting, this is the reason why I write.

The other thing that stands out about this song is that pure, raw energy pouring out of it. Can you talk about some of your musical influences, and your hopes and goals for this song?

HUNNY BUZZ: My biggest musical influence is Taylor Swift and has always been. From a young age her writing has inspired my perception and outlook on things, especially within my writing.

This is the lead single off your debut EP, Pacific Wax. What’s the story behind this EP title, and what do the songs on this EP represent for you?

HUNNY BUZZ: The candle on my bedside table from ASDA is labeled Pacific Wax, that’s the story behind the creative name. The songs represent colour, life, character, youth, love, and mental health.

How do you feel “Now I can get over you” introduces this EP? What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

HUNNY BUZZ: We would like to say this is the main single off the EP but when re-recording “Short Black Skirt” and a few other new songs, it’s really hard to say which will be most popular. “Now I can get over you” is a signal for the direction our songwriting is heading in, taking inspiration from bands such as Wolf Alice and Alvvays.

HUNNY BUZZ's Lydia Read © 2023
HUNNY BUZZ’s Lydia Read © 2023


What most excites you about your upcoming EP?

HUNNY BUZZ: Firstly, having a whole body of music out there for people to enjoy. Secondly, the live side of releasing an EP. Playing shows and festivals where the audience are singing your lyrics back to you is one of the best feelings!

In the spirit of paying it forward, who are you listening to these days that you would recommend to our readers?

HUNNY BUZZ: We admire bands such as Wolf Alice, Beach Bunny, and Beabadoobee.

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Now I Can Get Over You - HUNNY BUZZ

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