Premiere: The Exciting Rush of Jake Fields’ “The Other Side of Waiting”

Jake Fields © 2018
An exciting rush of passion and purpose, Jake Fields’ anthemic “The Other Side of Waiting” hits with refreshing energy as the artist asserts himself.
for fans of Young the Giant, The Killers, Train

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I like to think that, if you take the saying literally, the other side of waiting is doing: Refusing to stand still when something has to move; being assertive and grabbing the reigns even when you may not have to, or are not be expected to do so. Taking action, over inaction. Singer/songwriter Jake Fields is still in the beginning stages of his career, but there’s no mistaking his level of engagement with and dedication to his craft: An exciting rush of passion and purpose, Jake Fields’ anthemic “The Other Side of Waiting” hits with refreshing energy as the artist asserts himself.

You can’t believe it
it’s always something true
just gotta leave it
for someone else to do
it’s complicated
one size don’t fit em all
been nominated
your turn to take the – fall
into this chance
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Jake Fields - The Other Side of Waiting

The Other Side of Waiting – Jake Fields

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Jake Fields’ third single “The Other Side of Waiting,” the latest release off his upcoming debut EP Someday You’ll Be Mine, anticipated in early 2019. Based in Los Angeles and Nashville, Jake Fields is an earnest singer/songwriter and creative guitarist; his first two releases “Snake Eyes” and “Memories of 45’s” have been catchy and flavorful pop/rock songs that send us back a decade or two, to a time where bands like Train dominated the radio waves and fedoras weren’t the “worst thing” (subjectively of course) to have in your clothing arsenal.

“The Other Side of Waiting” continues this trend, and is possibly Fields’ most memorable number yet! A fun explosion of feelgood urgency, the track jumps out at the listener with a charmingly heartfelt chorus:

on the other side of waiting
yeah your time is fading
maybe you’ve been mistaken
when the world is under fire
on the other side of waiting
your receipt’s outdated
just a little persuading
maybe someday you’ll be mine
Jake Fields © 2018

Jake Fields © 2018

“‘The Other Side of Waiting’ is really an ode for leaping into something new, which is personally akin to me releasing music now and establishing myself as an artist,” Fields tells Atwood Magazine. “The song was written in a 3-hour span with co-writer, Jim McGorman, and I feel the song has a real immediacy and energy that just poured out in the room that day.”

Passion begets passion; life begets life. If you share your love with the world, the world does reciprocate.

In London garden
they always drink their tea
like Charles Darwin
they’re coming after me
I won’t debate it
this life is not too long
don’t ruminate it
one look and then it’s gone
not to return

Fields injects his song with the dynamic desire to do – he’s not sitting around, letting time take its course come what may; he’s pushing the needle and doing his best to shape his own tomorrow. That cheerful go-getter attitude is inspiring, especially when it comes in such a fiery package.

“The Other Side of Waiting” compels us to get off Easy Street and reclaim the narrative; it’s a shining testament to the power of being active, and our capacity to shape our fates. Stream Jake Fields’ third single exclusively on Atwood Magazine; “The Other Side of Waiting” is out everywhere tomorrow!

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Jake Fields - The Other Side of Waiting

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