“I hope life has plans for us”: Jordan Lindley Premieres “Sometime Someday,” His Angsty, Restless Song of Ignorant Acceptance

Jordan Lindley "Sometime Someday" © Lindsey Torres
Jordan Lindley "Sometime Someday" © Lindsey Torres
Nashville singer/songwriter Jordan Lindley’s heavy heart and soul are exposed on his achingly intimate and emotionally charged “Sometime Someday,” a heated inner reckoning of unrest and ‘ignorant acceptance’ – and the latest single taken off his forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Maybe It’ll All Work Out.’
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I’m afraid of looking forward, looking back there’s so much more I know…

It’s not easy, staring down the barrel of the unknown.

Standing still will always be easier than moving forward. It’s physics, isn’t it? Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object at rest stays at rest.

But Jordan Lindley is restless.

The singer/songwriter’s second song of the year is a boiling pot of angst, heartache, and inner tension. Finding himself on the precipice of unwanted change, he has a choice to make: He can continue to deny that change and live in a sad, false reality, or he can move forward with his life and let the past go. He opts for hidden door number three: Move on, and take it all with you. Is it healthy? No, but it happens all the time. Lindley’s heavy heart and soul are exposed on the achingly intimate and emotionally charged “Sometime Someday,” a heated inner reckoning of unrest and ‘ignorant acceptance.’

It’s not quite denial, and it’s not quite a clean break, but by essentially lying to himself, a grieving narrator can finally start his own healing process, moving forward with a secret sliver of hope that all this change is only temporary; that they’ll be back together again someday.

The worst part is, even he knows that’s not true.

Sometime Someday - Jordan Lindley
Sometime Someday – Jordan Lindley
Even if we don’t decide
to leave together this time

I hope life has plans
for us sometime someday

Guess I don’t pray unless
I need things, and I’m sorry,

but I need this like
I’ve never needed something
No, my vision isn’t blurred, I am pretty sure
I could count a thousand little words,
written as rehearsed on her face

and I guess that I can learn
how to live with her ghost

as long as one of my returns is the peace
that we’re given some more time someday

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Sometime Someday,” a breathtakingly vulnerable and visceral fever dream full of raw energy without resolve. Out everywhere April 26 via DialTone Records, “Sometime Someday” is both Jordan Lindley’s second single of the year (following February’s “Ugly Everything”), and the latest track taken off his forthcoming sophomore album, Maybe It’ll All Work Out (set to release this summer). Lindley previously released Maybe It’ll All Work Out, Pt. 1, a five-track album teaser, in mid-November 2023.

Jordan Lindley © Robert Moroni
Jordan Lindley © Robert Moroni

An Oklahoma-born, Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer known for wearing his heart unconditionally on his sleeve, Jordan Lindley has been moving our ears and hearts for the better part of five years’ time. In premiering another track off his upcoming LP, “Me & The Spiders,” last October, Atwood Magazine marveled at his ability to create a moment of fragility and tenderness: “It’s no surprise that Jordan Lindley’s love song would feel so vulnerable and raw, but what’s perhaps more striking about this special song is just how much it aches,” we wrote. “For Lindley, love is heavy – there’s an unavoidable weight attached to it that he can’t possibly shake.”

Unfortunately for Lindley, that weight hangs as heavily as ever on “Sometime Someday,” as he deals with the end of a relationship and his own emotional wreckage. Maybe it’ll all work out; it probably won’t, but this bittersweet song sees him hanging onto a shred of hope like it’s the new-and-improved holy grail. His voice aches, shivers, and quakes over tender, persistent guitar strums that trudge along much like his own stubborn heart:

And even when I’m keeping healthy
I feel guilty for my being healthy

How could I be happy?
It’s like I’m searching for an answer but when I find it
I hide it ’cause I’m shameful just for looking
Jordan Lindley © Lindsey Torres
Jordan Lindley © Lindsey Torres

“When you boil it down, it’s really a song about acceptance – just, like, an unhealthy, ignorant acceptance,” Lindley tells Atwood Magazine. “It was written in probably 15 minutes. I really wanted the music to match the thoughts – just trudging along, trying to distract. Sometimes, it feels like the only way to ‘get over’ something is to convince yourself that it’s not over forever.”

“In this song, I basically make a deal with myself that I will get past the loss of this meaningful relationship, ONLY if I know that that relationship has the potential of resurfacing somewhere down the line. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not usually how it goes; but it is often how we attempt to get over something for the time being.”

I’m afraid of looking forward,
looking back there’s so much more I know

If all I’ve got is all that is here, what if all I’ve got is fear here?
I tie my shoes and make the bed, I’m kind to voices in my head
I’m running laps and keeping fed – but god I miss my…
Jordan Lindley © Chelsea Rochelle
Jordan Lindley © Chelsea Rochelle

Lindley wrote and produced “Sometime Someday,” taking cues from acts like Turnover, The 1975, and even Harry Styles for his production style.

The resulting three-minute experience is as painful as it is powerful and provocative: Through brutally honest lyrics and an equally breathtaking vocal performance, Jordan Lindley bares it all, bringing listeners face-to-face with his unresolved inner turbulence. Unflinching, unfiltered, unrelenting, and altogether enchanting, “Sometime Someday” is yet another instantly memorable (and utterly evocative) display of the Nashville-based artist’s raw talents at work. Stream Lindley’s latest single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more news to come about his sophomore album, Maybe It’ll All Work Out.

And yes, maybe it all really will work out for him in the end. Real life experience says no, but nearly every romcom I’ve ever watched says yes – so who’s to say what the future holds? Staring down the barrel of the unknown, Lindley chose to take a bit of the past with him into his new reality, and honestly, who among us can blame him for making that decision?

So I guess I’m bound to learn how to weather her
Whether it’s forever or a term
It still ends with worms on my face
And I know this isn’t nerve
these are only words
words that probably won’t even get heard
but I’ll keep them for
When I need them,
’cause I need them sometimes some days

— —

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Sometime Someday - Jordan Lindley

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