Today’s Song: JayWood’s Soaring & Seductive “Just Sayin” (ft. Ami Cheon) Is an Inspiring Equal Opportunity Anthem

JayWood © Tonje Thilesen
JayWood © Tonje Thilesen
An altruistic anthem of compassion and creating equal opportunity for those in need, JayWood’s “Just Sayin” (ft. Ami Cheon) is a smoldering, soulful funk song ready to spread love far and wide.
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Just because you grew up in a dream don’t mean, no harm no foul,” JayWood sings at the start of his song, “Just Sayin.” “People don’t go out of their way to see the world on fire.” It’s quite the way to start a conversation, calling out the many inactive and passive bystanders among us – but the Canadian artist needs his audience wide awake and alert to not just hear, but truly internalize his music’s message. A sweet n’ soulful song of compassion and creating equal opportunity for those in need, “Just Sayin” (ft. Ami Cheon) is a smoldering funk anthem ready to brighten our days and spread love far and wide.

Just Sayin - JayWood
Just Sayin – JayWood
Just because you grew up in a dream
Don’t mean, no harm no foul
People don’t go out of their way
To see the world on fire
Because they’re giving
what you wanna do to you
Giving what you wanna do right
Giving what you wanna do to you
Giving what you can’t fight

Released May 4, 2022, “Just Sayin” is the lead single off JayWood’s forthcoming sophomore album, Slingshot (out July 15th via Captured Tracks). The moniker for Winnipeg-based musician and songwriter Jeremy Haywood-Smith, JayWood has been actively captivating our ears and putting smiles on faces for the past five years now. 2019’s debut LP Time found him dwelling in a smorgasbord of sound, finding his voice in the grey in-betweens where rock, soul, funk, R&B, pop, and punk converge. 2021’s Some Days EP and its runaway hit single “What You Do to Me” found Haywood-Smith honing his vision and further carving out his own singular artistic voice – a voice that shines with exceptional strength and charisma on Slingshot‘s first three singles.

JayWood © Tonje Thilesen
JayWood © Tonje Thilesen

Preceded by the smoldering, sweeping song “God Is a Reptile” and succeeded by the driving, heartfelt groove “Thank You,” “Just Sayin” is on the surface a sun-soaked outpouring of feel-good summer vibes, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. The cinematic song’s positive message implores listeners to give back to their communities; to go above and beyond in helping those in need. There’s something to be said of an artist who outwardly exudes altruism, as JayWood does in his chorus:

So let’s just put some houses by the rivers
Where anyone can go, for a living
Even if you’re broke you’re forgiven
I’m just sayin (give it a chance) x2
Just let me see some homes with the views
Where anyone can grow like one of you
Even if they don’t take a stance
I’m just sayin (Give it a chance) x2

“The song is about creating equal opportunity for people in need, and lending a helping hand if you can. It’s a super simple thought that I think could easily get overlooked, but having a catchy reminder like this might subliminally provoke some thought,” JayWood tells Atwood Magazine. “When I was working on this one the big thing I tried to focus on was working with less and getting more from it, I just wanted to make a pop song through and through. I think the big challenge was keeping the song interesting without changing the chords throughout the whole song. As soon as the song was structured I knew I needed to get a pop singer for it, and funny enough I had to ask Ami to be on it twice – but damn, I’m so happy it worked out!”

JayWood © Tonje Thilesen
JayWood © Tonje Thilesen

We’re drifting fast our souls enslaved
Hope you enjoy the ride
But why, oh why do we choose this denial
That takes away our pride
Cause I’m feeling something inside
Everyday just moved on, never finding love
Still I try, with everyday we’re living
Find a way to push on
Shine the light above

Charged and charming, JayWood and his optimistic outlook are inspiring, invigorating, and utterly enthralling.

You can’t listen to this song and ignore its altruistic, humanitarian spirit: It’s embedded in the fabric of every chord played and every note sung. The mission is so simple and clear, and the energy is utterly infectious. How can we not join in on JayWood’s journey of spreading love; of doing our part for the greater good? Some songs hit all the right marks, and “Just Sayin” is an undeniable example of music that goes above and beyond the call of duty. As Slingshot‘s lead single, this track hints at all the warmth and wonder JayWood has in store for us on his sophomore LP.

I’m just looking to the future
I’m not looking to the past
I just wanna see the healing, grieving, feeling, breathin
What is the meaning?
I’m not thinkin bout the future
We can’t go down that path
Cause i’m just rooted in the here the now, the black, the brown
The truth, the sun of what’s to come so

— —

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Stream: “Just Sayin” – JayWood

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