EP Premiere: Tragedy Strikes Ekurtis on Synthy Debut ‘Part I’

Part 1 - Ekurtis
Part 1 - Ekurtis

Ballet dancer-turned-recording artist Ekurtis (aka Eric Larson) opens his debut EP Part I with tension: Synths swell and electronic drum kits pulse a panicked beat as the NYC-based musician sings of being “only one step away from the edge, and one trip from falling.” It’s easy to relate to this kind of ominous foreboding; the feeling that a good thing won’t last is all too real for so many of us, but Ekurtis gives further life to that premonition through an increasing pressure-cooker of sound that builds and crests and trophs across his EP in waves of harrowing emotional anxiety.

Part 1 - Ekurtis
Part I – Ekurtis

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Ekurtis’ debut EP Part I, the first of a three-part series that deals with the feeling of being somewhere exquisite, and knowing that it won’t last, per the artist. “When I was writing the songs, I didn’t think too much about what they were about,” Ekurtis recalls. “During the process I found that I was dealing with this subconscious fear of impermanence. Something is great, and then not, something is terrible, and then awesome.”

Out Friday, 6/16/17, Part I is 20 minutes’ worth of synth-driven introspective drama as Ekurtis watches the rug pull out from under him. Cohesive in sound and style, the record feels like a miniature musical – especially if one considers the bombast with which Ekurtis presents his tragedy. Throughout the haze of cold electronics, we can always hold fast to Larson’s voice – a jewel that presents its full capacity in the energy-building EP highlight, “HumDrum.” For a moment, everything feels in sync as Ekurtis repeats the mantra, “I’m still breathing.” The end is near; he feels the dark clouds billowing overhead, but they haven’t taken him yet.

Watch: “HumDrum” – Ekurtis


Kitchy keyboard tones and uptempo pop structures keep Part I deceptively light, despite its increasingly despondent attitude. Whether we’re facing armageddon or (more likely) the end of a relationship, Ekurtis’ vibrant art pop is a reminder that we will soldier on through thick and thin. Listen to the full record through Atwood Magazine’s exclusive stream, and peek inside Part I with Atwood Magazine as Ekurtis provides his personal take on each of the EP’s songs below!

Listen: Part I EP – Ekurtis
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:: Inside Part I ::

Part 1 - Ekurtis

— —

Convince Me

“Convince Me is set on the brink of a catastrophe.”


“The battle has begun in HumDrum, but the explosions are still too far away to be taken seriously.”


“Two lovers have their last night together in WandR1.”

Glass Mosaic

“Glass Mosaic takes us to a lounge populated by the opposition where seduction is use to secure information.”

Submarine Man

“In Submarine Man, the undercover agent from Glass Mosaic has fallen in love with their target and it’s doom for them both.” 

— —

Part 1 - Ekurtis

— — — —

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Ekurtis © 2017
Ekurtis © 2017
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