Premiere: Embracing Magic Moments in Kidswaste’s “Beautiful Life” ft. Sophie Simmons

Kidswaste © Rachel Golden @goldenrayeofsunshine
Kidswaste © Rachel Golden @goldenrayeofsunshine
Poignant and moving, Kidswaste’s new single “Beautiful Life” ft Sophie Simmons is an intimate expression of true love.

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Magic moments are one in a million – it’s their scarcity that makes them so special. When something comes around and you feel those sparks start to fly, you hold on tight and make it last.

But then, out of nowhere you find a certain someone – that one in a million person who makes every moment magical. An intimate expression of true love, Kidswaste’s tender new single “Beautiful Life” featuring Sophie Simmons radiates with poignant nostalgia and warm connection.

You were the one
you were my paradise
I was the girl with the ocean eyes
under the stars under the afterlife
it was a different world with you
“Beautiful Life” – Kidswaste ft. Sophie Simmons

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Kidswaste’s new single “Beautiful Life,” a powerful collaboration with Sophie Simmons out today, 5/8/2018 via Counter Records. The French artist’s first release of 2018 is one of his most meaningful, soul-stirring songs to date: Fragile and fraught, “Beautiful Life” is a breathtaking invitation to bask in a euphoria you never thought possible – a love that caught you by surprise, and was supposed to last a lifetime. Together with the inimitable Sophie Simmons, Kidswaste may have just made the heartbreak anthem of the summer.

Beautiful Life - Kidswaste
Beautiful Life – Kidswaste ft. Sophie Simmons

“Beautiful Life” immediately glows with surreal warmth. Atmospheric textures wrap us in a tight sonic blanket before Simmons’ achingly pure vocals tear us apart. “You were the one, you were my paradise,” she sings. “I was the girl with the ocean eyes.” We were supposed to be together, forever; this was supposed to be the romance of the century. But the dream ended too soon; we can all relate to the sinking sensation of waking up in an empty bed.

Why’d you have to go
Guess I’ll never know
Look up and just hold
Onto the night, it’s changing my mind
It’s a beautiful life

“I wrote this track with Sophie back in March and we both instantly felt good about it,” Kidswaste, aka Quentin Beauvois, tells Atwood Magazine. “Whether you’re broke or lonely (whatever might be getting you down) – there’s always something positive to find in even the smallest moments, when things might not be going your way. ‘Beautiful Life’ is about finding those moments and cherishing them.”

Kidswaste x Sophie Simmons © Rachel Golden @goldenrayeofsunshine
Kidswaste x Sophie Simmons © Rachel Golden

Love may not last, but we can hold on to a feeling, relive it, indulge in it, and find warmth in its memory. Simmons dwells in the past in the second verse, pulsing with lovelorn sincerity:

We fell so fast
We got off track sometimes
Getting caught up in-between the lines
Sending your spark
Shooting up my spine
It was a different world with you

The beauty of “Beautiful Life” comes not from sadness or nostalgia, but rather from the fact that life can contain such a thing as love: That something, or someone, can come at any moment and turn your entire world upside down, completely changing you forever. Those magic moments come and go, but we’ll be chasing them all our lives – because they’re what makes life worth living.

Stream “Beautiful Life” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and if you love someone, let them know. Catch Kidswaste on tour in the US this summer – dates and more info below!

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Beautiful Life - Kidswaste

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