Premiere: Get Better with Katy Rea’s “Brain on Snacks”

Katy Rea © Sara Laufer
Katy Rea © Sara Laufer
On “Brain on Snacks,” Katy Rea coats an important message in impeccable vocals and wonderful guitar and bass-driven rhythms, reminding us that we can’t be oblivious to what happens in the world around us.

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Right now it seems like the world is aflame and everyone has an opinion on something. You can be scrolling through feeds, talking to friends and co-workers, or having dinner with your family, and it seems like some polemic topic of conversation will come up, each person will pick their side, and whatever happens, happens. But what if you’re in this situation with a loved one, and instead of fiercely defending a point of view and taking up arms, they just remain numb to it all? Brooklyn artist Katy Rea tackles this subject on new single “Brain on Snacks,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today.

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“Brain on Snacks” is the Katy Rea’s second song release following her debut “Actress” earlier this month. About the new single, Rea tells Atwood Magazine, “I wrote ‘Brain on Snacks’ on an acoustic guitar at home, at loss with the lack of empathy and political depth involving some of my relationships. It was a sweet folk ballad. I took it to the band and to my surprise, it transformed into this eccentric rock anthem, a very unique tune on the EP, and one that is really fun to play live.”

Katy Rea © Katy Rea
Katy Rea © Katy Rea

“Brain on Snacks” starts with a guitar and bass that together remind you of some of the best pop-rock song starters. Rea’s voice comes in, velvet-coated and enchanting, and she starts the song confronting the person she’s singing to, taking control of the situation and empowering herself. By the end of the verse, she’s making what she wants from the other person very clear: “dig deeper, get better.

I don’t have the smooth words
only someone’s dream to hold
Go on baby wrap her up,
you’ll say that I’m kind of shy
Who can know anyone
after one nervous night
You want to preach little girl,
what’s your right?
Dig deeper, get better
Dig deeper, get better

In a beautiful change of pace, Rea’s voice shines both at the forefront and with the harmonies as she continues to question the other person, trying to shake them out of passivity and make them look outside of their comfort zone:

Or is there enough on your mind?
Is there enough on your mind?
Is there enough on you mind?
Katy Rea © Sara Laufer
Katy Rea © Sara Laufer

Rea takes a more direct jab on the second verse, saying her relationship can’t last if it’s shallow, she “can’t sleep in this cell”. She then criticises her partner, who might think he’s unique and not like the others but acts like most people, taking photos of everything and becoming obsessed with consumerism and his image – he’s “a victim of wealth, a victim of self” and she wants nothing to do with this anymore.

They say love is resistant,
you know I can’t sleep in this cell
Go on watch the times turn on,
take a picture, take another!
You’re not any different, a modern man
A victim of wealth
A victim of self 

With “Brain on Snacks” Katy Rea puts a fun twist on an important message, reminding us that we can’t be oblivious to what happens in the world around us, and coating the song in impeccable vocals and a wonderful guitar and bass-driven pop song. We should, as Katy Rea puts it, “dig deeper, get better.

Katy Rea’s debut EP Same Kind of Woman is out October 26, 2018 via Invertebrate.

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Katy Rea © Katy Rea

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