Today’s Song: Last Dinosaurs Melt Hearts With New Single “Walking on Ice”

Last Dinosaurs © Andre Cois
Last Dinosaurs © Andre Cois
Last Dinosaurs is an Australian indie rock band on thin ice — metaphorically speaking, of course. The group returned with “Walking on Ice,” their second single of 2023, complete with Instagram visuals and a teaser of their upcoming album.
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These dinos are far from extinct.

In fact, Last Dinosaurs are back and better than ever — embarking on their TOURZILLA with Vacations and dropping new music periodically.

As the second single released in 2023, “Walking On Ice” fits perfectly in the indie space carved for Last Dinosaurs. It’s a little grungy and effortlessly danceable, with lyrics that detail self-destructive tendencies.

Walking on Ice - Last Dinosaurs
Walking on Ice – Last Dinosaurs
“I’m tired of your visions in the sand,
There’s some things that I will never understand,
All these people want their piece of earth,
Doesn’t matter what the cost is worth, yeah.”
– “Walking On Ice,” Last Dinosaurs

Written by brothers Lachlan and Sean Caskey alongside Michael Sloane, “Walking On Ice” included plenty of complex guitar moments. It feels similar to the Australian band’s latest album, From Mexico With Love (which Atwood Magazine called “a post-lockdown era of celebration, connection, togetherness, and hope”), emphasizing the newest direction for the indie group.

“I’m walking on ice,
Never think twice,
I’m ready to self-destruct,
I’m walking during fights,
Tryna be nice,
I’m rеady to self-destruct,
I’m walking on ice.”



Last Dinosaurs © Andre Cois
Last Dinosaurs © Andre Cois

Cold weather (and tropical climates) appear as a theme throughout Last Dinosaurs’ discography. From Mexico With Love included “Put Up With the Weather,” which candidly states the narrator’s romantic relationship is worth frigid winter temperatures.

One of Last Dinosaurs’ biggest hits, “Honolulu,” doesn’t mention life in Hawaiʻi. It does, however, lean closely on summer-y, pop guitar riffs.

Conversely, “Walking On Ice” features an alternative, indie rock-driven sound closely connected to the band’s RYU — Transmissions era. The band teased their latest project on Instagram, confirming “Walking On Ice” and “Afterlife” would be two tracks included in this new album, set for release November 10th via Nettwerk.

RYU - Last Dinosaurs
RYU, Last Dinosaurs’ upcoming ‘transmission’

“’Afterlife’ was inspired by an AI artwork by Luke Nugent from his ‘Shopping For Gifts’ series…,” Sean Caskey said of “Afterlife” in a statement. “The image struck me in such a strong way that left me staring at it for hours and days.”

“At the time I was struggling to find a true inspirational element to act as the axis for all my songs,” he continued, “until I realized that the key was to make the album that was being broadcast through these futuristic TV devices.”

For fans of “Walking On Ice” and “Afterlife,” explore Last Dinosaurs’ early hidden gems. “Take Your Time?” “Karma?” “Bass God?” Untouchable, perfectly curated hits. Let’s just hope this band never goes out with a big bang.

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Stream: “Walking on Ice” – Last Dinosaurs

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Walking on Ice - Last Dinosaurs

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