Today’s Song: Mike Sabath’s “Life” Is an Honest Offering That Will Resonate With Us All

Mike Sabath © Oliver Pearson
Mike Sabath © Oliver Pearson
Artist and producer Mike Sabath’s single “Life” takes us on a cathartic journey through everyday turbulence.
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I’m okay, wanna die, that’s just that’s just that’s just that’s just life.” Those opening lines say it all. Life is a whirlwind of highs and lows and Mike Sabath seamlessly expresses that relatable concept in his bold song “Life.” The fast-paced track, released September 29 via Musical Magical Michael, yanks you from the start. Time can go by in the blink of an eye and the speedy vocals and soundscapes mimic that swift evolution. Sabath’s warm falsetto paired with hard-hitting guitars and quick drums, create a unique feel-good vibe. That upbeat, fun quality is juxtaposed with the message of bittersweet pure frustration leading to transformation.

Life - Mike Sabath
Life – Mike Sabath
Everybody everywhere has got something to say
Doesn’t matter if they’re stupid
doesn’t matter if they’re straight
Everybody back the f up please
just gimme some space
Gimme gimme some space
Gimme gimme some (ahhhhh)

Sometimes we all need a break from the chaotic rollercoaster that is our world. Sabath understands this well, as an overpowering angst drove him to create the compelling piece: The artist and producer was looking to uncover the best version of himself despite a feeling of defeat and loneliness. “Life” is the ultimate depiction of seeing past our problems to progress into more elevated beings.

It’s okay, it’s alright
We can have a party
and forget about the night

Sabath has not only grown in his general life, but also musically. He went from building a studio in his brother’s backyard to writing and recording with greats like Pharrell Williams and Shawn Mendes. The Los Angeles-based artist got his start crashing studio sessions and now he has retained a large fan base. Listeners respect his openness and intimacy. That vulnerable side is deeply displayed in this raw release.

Every time I turn around
I see people tryna take me down
Can we just have a moment when we
Look into each others eyes
and we’re not on the verge of cryin
Mike Sabath © Oliver Pearson
Mike Sabath © Oliver Pearson

One minute everything is great and the next we are in tears. That abrupt change is something everyone experiences. We cannot appreciate the good without the bad. There are periods though when the ups and downs can feel like just a constant down. That intense decline can leave us so scarred we are unsure how we will ever recover. Sabath’s emotive piece reminds us we can bounce back as… “that’s just life”.

I hope you’re doing well
I’m honestly not quite sure
how well I’m doing
I miss everyone
I miss my family
I miss you
I miss my old self

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Stream: “Life” – Mike Sabath

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Life - Mike Sabath

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