Premiere: Little Dume Glow Like the Northern Lights in “As Always”

LITTLE DUME © Tynan Daniels
Malibu’s Little Dume capture love’s weight and passion in their new song “As Always,” a dramatic blaze of catchy alt-rock underscored by the celestial magic of the northern lights.
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Sometimes you want to shout your love from the mountaintops, and other times you want to savor it under the northern lights; no matter how you choose to celebrate that special connection, what’s most important is the understanding and intimacy you share with each other. Malibu’s Little Dume capture love’s weight and passion in their new song “As Always,” a dramatic blaze of catchy alt-rock underscored by the celestial magic of the northern lights.

As Always - Little Dume

As Always – Little Dume

I’d climb a thousand steps for you
See me moving
Cuz up on top there’s room for two
And it keeps us spinning
When flood washes me away,
and down I’m going
I’ll climb this mountain of mine for you
Yes I’m staying
We’ll dance under northern lights
Where the sun just waits to rise
Cuz a fire like this won’t die
Till we’re ready

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “As Always,” the latest single from Malibu-based alternative rock band Little Dume. Consisting of guitarist James Burnett, vocalist David Sandborg, bassist Dane Sandborg, and drummer Wesley Ritenour, Little Dume have been playing together since their teenage years and have already performed throughout Los Angeles, including at The Peppermint Club, No Name, and more venues. Sinec debuting with early 2018’s “Dangerous Man,” the four-piece have racked up over two million streams across all platforms and released two additional singles: late 2018’s “Brothers,” and most recently “Curious” this past April.

With a sound that crosses the warm alternative rock of Kings of Leon with the melodic charm of early Imagine Dragons, the intensity of Bastille, and the pop buoyancy of Troye Sivan, Little Dume are their own sweet powerhouse.

LITTLE DUME © Tynan Daniels

LITTLE DUME © Tynan Daniels

For the band, “As Always” is a song of connection and devotion: Of love’s staying power and resiliency. “I really want to explore and go see the northern lights,” Little Dume guitarist James Burnett tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s been something I’ve dreamt of doing for some time now. The song is essentially a love song and a promise to go make that journey to the lights.”

And as always
I’ll be walking through fire,
I’ll run to the line, fighting that good fight
As always here I am
Here I am

Their fourth ever song release, “As Always” puts Little Dume’s musical prowess on full display as they vacillate between soft, heartfelt verses and massive chorus outpourings. Their lyrics are catchy, clean, and utterly moving; their music is equally touching and radiating love.

For those in need of a new anthemic love song full of hope, passion, and perseverance, look no further than Little Dume’s “As Always.”

Little Dume will be performing at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on January 11th. Stream “As Always” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “As Always” – Little Dume

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As Always - Little Dume

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