Track-by-Track: Devour Lustrous Euphoria with Joulie Fox’s New EP ‘Love Is a Blessing’

Joulie Fox © Hania Kantor
Joulie Fox © Hania Kantor
Love shines brightly on singer/songwriter Joulie Fox’s latest EP, ‘Love Is a Blessing.’

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In an ode to love and its multitude of formations, Joulie Fox has unveiled her new EP, Love Is A Blessing. With a completely genreless approach to musicality, Fox continues to hone down an impressive repertoire, and her latest endeavor is no exception. Her five new offerings were all written in different times and places, yet the overarching conceptualization of love shines brightly. It may have been unintentional, but there’s no doubt that Love Is A Blessing reverberates with the euphoric spirit we’ve all come to adore.

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Inside Love Is a Blessing


“Fever” was written in England in 2019, just before Fox’s first larger-scale festival appearance. Erupting with reverberating soundscapes and melodious vocal energy, the tune forms an ode to emotive catharsis. Fox explains, “Each song shows love in a different shape. A toxic relationship, unhealthy dependence, stalking psychos, running away from the real commitment, old love regrets. I guess the only thing you won’t find here is a healthy relationship. It’s probably because I am usually inspired by bad experiences and events.” With a bustling spirit and truly remarkable lyricism, there’s no doubt that “Fever” forms an exceptional opening to Love Is A Blessing, one that provides the perfect introduction to Fox’s compelling chronicles.

Bring Me

“Bring Me” was written at a time when inspiration was calling. As each song shows a different character from Mother Teresa of Love, the stalker to the psychopathic killer. There may be an ominous undertone to “Bring Me,” yet this remarkable tune would find a home on any dance floor. Bustling with broad bass lines and a truly exceptional vocal energy, Fox confides, “I try to listen to my inside as these are the moments when the songs that I write are the closest to my heart. If I write something sad it’s usually triggered by something negative happening in my life or sometimes I just need some catharsis.” Soaring with melancholy, there’s no doubt that Fox’s fables make her a trailblazer of electro-pop as we know it. Her lyricism provokes through, yet her rhythms invoke movement. “Bring Me” is an outstanding example of such.


“Running” offers a mellow ode to the story of a lost soul. Like a stream of inspiration coming through the universe, this rather raw and acoustic account came together with the familiar comfort of Fox’s acoustic guitar. She explains, “It talks about something that many people with a difficult past or a bit more complex personality struggle with. We know that everyone deserves to be loved but some people just don’t and ‘Running’ is the anthem for all the lost souls out there.” Her unparalleled approaches to composition see this story unravel with truly mesmerizing authenticity. Fox continues, “Running’ is a story of a lost soul seeking love but fighting with demons living in her head since she was very little. She feels devoid of emotions, therefore, believing there is not much left in her to give and that she doesn’t deserve true love.” Taking a more mellow approach to its predecessor, “Running” comes together with an underlying vulnerability, yet unparalleled strength.


“1985” was written a few years back and performed initially with Fox’s band Chilè. Despite the obstacles faced along the way, the demo stood the test of time. She explains, “When I was choosing songs for my debut EP, the demo track of “1985” I kept on my desktop was automatically playing every time I pressed space. I took it as a sign and gave the song one more chance. I don’t regret it as apparently it’s one of my favourite ones to play live and people who already bought my album seem to like it a lot!”

“1985” forms the fable of a girl who turned into a stalker after a breakup initiated by her boyfriend. Fox explains, “She just created this delusional image in her head and still believes they will grow old together.” This time, Fox takes us into another account of love, its forms and its processes. Her ability to provoke thought, yet her ability to enable movement across her EP is one of the many reasons “1985” forms the perfect penultimate.

Someone Else’s Name

Last but certainly not least, “Someone Else’s Name” brings Love Is A Blessing to an idyllic conclusion. Fox’s EP was never planned to be a concept album, yet we find that her chronicles offer an infectious account of such. To conclude a truly remarkable EP, “Someone Else’s Name” provokes the rather intoxicating habit of never letting go. In a cathartic realization, Fox confides, “It’s a song about dwelling on the past and being a slave of it. Sometimes we hold on to the past thinking that we won’t be able to find anything and anyone better in life but our mind just tricks us and makes us remember only the good things. We want what we had so badly but very often it turns out to be just an illusion that doesn’t even exist anymore.”

With a blaring bass line, contagious rhythm, and simply ecstatic vocal energy, Love Is A Blessing is brought full circle. Melancholy devours each verse, yet this tune, much like the EP as a whole, soars with enthusiastic electro-pop. Whether it’s her resonance, intoxication or simply impeccable approach to musicality that have you enthralled by Fox’s sound, her latest EP makes for a truly remarkable listening experience.

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Love Is a Blessing

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