Concert Review: DPR Live & DPR Ian Reign Supreme at Their Coachella ’23 Debut

Korean collective of dreamers and misfits, DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), closed out the Gobi Stage on the last night of Coachella 2023.

Dream Perfect Regime, better known as DPR, is the ultimate story of underdogs.

The unsigned, self-made misfit group of friends performed as the closers on the Gobi Stage at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Coachella welcomed the collective as two of them took center stage for a sea of adoring fans. The audience went far past the tent they were set to play in and while waiting for them to begin, their iconic chant “DPR We Gang Gang” started to crescendo through the crowd.

As the lights dimmed, DJs DPR Cream and DPR Artic took their position at the booth toward the rear of the stage. First up was DPR’s rapper, Hong Dabin, aka DPR Live for a six song lineup. He is then joined by Christian Yu, going by the name DPR Ian, to do their collaborative songs No Blueberries and Boom which proved to be crowd favorites. Live then exits the stage for Ian to finish off the night with his six song setlist featuring a live band.


DPR boasts an array of eclectic talent that does not go unnoticed.

The crew brought electric energy that is shocking for their inaugural Coachella performance. Accompanied by giant graphics on an LED screen, the collective always makes a point to tell a story with every performance. Their genre-bending songs are well loved by the audience. The energy in that tent was impeccable as adoring fans shouted back lyrics in both English and Korean.


As a true story of success, what started as a group of friends making music turned into a full-fledged music label and collective. On stage DPR Ian wished his mom a happy birthday and promised his fans that “this is just the beginning.” Their storytelling and larger than life concept generated a cult-like following of fans called “Dreamers.”

Their story of breaking through the industry on nothing but dreams brought them to the Coachella stage with a performance that never disappoints.

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