Premiere: Looms’ New Single “The Water” Depicts the Heavy Weight of a Sinking Friendship

Looms © 2023
Looms © 2023
Looms toss and turn in the throes of a sinking friendship on “The Water,” a heavy, achingly intimate song of loss and longing, sadness and surrender.
Stream: “The Water” – Looms
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I think it’s always the trickiest dealing with the ones you love the most.

Romances, they come and go, but friendships last a lifetime – until they don’t.

Sometimes it’s distance; sometimes it’s where you are in your lives; sometimes you simply drift apart over the years.

And sometimes, something happens that’s so jarring, and cuts such a wedge between you, that it’s hard to see any redeeming path forward together. Try as you might, you can’t get back to where you used to be – and suddenly in the place of the deepest bond, there now lies the deepest ache. It’s funny how someone’s absence can hit so hard; how the stablest parts of our lives can suddenly be torn in half, and thrown into complete disarray. NYC’s Looms toss and turn in the throes of a sinking friendship on “The Water,” a heavy, achingly intimate song of loss and longing, sadness and surrender.

The Water - Looms
The Water – Looms
I awoke from the shadow of it all
Came rushing like water through a fall
Where do we begin
To return from sin
Oh why, do I
Have to live like this

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “The Water,” the visceral and vulnerable second single taken off Looms’ forthcoming EP, The Dogs of Doubt (set to release October 17, 2023). Looms’ latest project since 2021’s A Different Variety of Same EP finds one of Atwood’s favorite Brooklyn indie bands back in the saddle for more cross-genre contemplations on life, love, and what it means to be keep surviving in the 2020s.

Straddling the indie rock and folk worlds, Looms have been delighting us with spellbinding sounds and soul-stirring reflections since the mid-2010s. Atwood had the honor of premiering Looms’ sophomore album How It Has To Be back in 2017, praising it as “a mature, reflective inward journey [that] resonates with the energy of a resilient soul surrendering to the world at large.”



Currently comprised of frontman and multi-instrumentalist Sharif Mekawy, guitarist Harry Morris Jr., bassist A. Hammond Murray, drummer Louis Cozza, and keyboardist Fred Copeman, Looms have never sounded better – or hit with more sonic and emotional force. Following August’s vibrant EP lead single “You Already,” “The Water” finds Looms in a somber headspace – and they channel that feeling into a moody landscape that aches passionately, and from the inside out.

On paper, the song seems easy enough: Six stanzas are organized in a simple A-B repeating format, with maybe a total of eight or so chords and voicings employed from start to finish. And yet, there’s nothing easy or simply about this song.

“I wrote this when I was going through a really rough patch with an old friend,” Mekawy says of “The Water.” “It’s sort of a documentation of my attempts to navigate through that. I think it’s always the trickiest dealing with the ones you love the most.”

As Mekawy laments a friendship on the rocks, he and his bandmates bring that emotional weight to life in their gentle, gut-wrenching performance:

When the rain comes down too hard
And it’s flooded the yard
I wanna know where
And when I’m halfway there
Oh will, I see
You standing with me
Looms © 2023
Looms © 2023

With a soft rock sound and lyrics that stop you dead in your tracks, Looms offer food for the ears, the mind, and the soul. Even when the emotions hurt, the songs down smooth. Stream the band’s achingly evocative new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more coming soon as they prepare to release their new EP.

The Dogs of Doubt is out October 17, 2023!

When everything starts to rust
And you’ve broken, the trust
Where is the end
Will we see again
Oh why, do I
Have to be your friend

— —

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Stream: “The Water” – Looms
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The Dogs of Doubt - Looms

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