Interview: Lyn Lapid on ‘to love in the 21st century: the epilogue’ EP, Her Creative Process, and Wanting Her Songs Used in Figure Skating

lyn lapid © Caro Knapp
lyn lapid © Caro Knapp
Filipina singer/songwriter Lyn Lapid sits with Atwood Magazine to discuss her deluxe EP ‘to love in the 21st century: the epilogue’, her storytelling style of songwriting, personal career goals, and more!
‘to love in the 21st century: the epilogue’ – Lyn Lapid

Lyn Lapid took the world by storm when her first single “Producer Man” went viral on TikTok.

The Filipina singer/songwriter started a whirlwind career during the pandemic, posting her original songs to social media and eventually signing with Mercury Records / Republic Records. Known for her easy listening songs and impeccable storytelling, the 21-year-old’s sophomore EP to love in the 21st century was highly sought after by fans following her online. Initially released in June 2023, the EP was accompanied by a short film style video that served as an introduction to the universe it takes place in.

Following its success, Lapid released a part two to the EP, titled to love in the 21st century: the epilogue (December 2023 via Mercury Records / Republic Records) and sat down with Atwood Magazine to discuss her songwriting process, bucket list dreams, and why she decided to make an extension to her original record.

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to love in the 21st century, the epilogue - lyn lapid

Atwood Magazine: First of all, congratulations on the new EP! to love in the 21st century: the epilogue includes three new tracks. What made you want to extend this body of work?

Lyn Lapid: When I was putting together the EP there were so many songs that I made that were going to tell certain parts of the stories that I wanted to tell. There were so many songs that didn’t make the final lineup of songs because I just couldn’t find a place for them in the story. I feel like when I released the EP, it wrapped up really nicely, but there was still so much I wanted to say that I couldn’t fit in.

So all these songs I released on the deluxe edition are kind of the expansion and continuation of the first story that I wanted to tell but at the same time bringing a whole new perspective on the message where I comment on how it is to be a young person and find love, in my generation and in this day and age. And the deluxe also address different kinds of love, not just romantic love, and how it all ties into the concept of love and finding love as a young person.

lyn lapid © Caro Knapp
lyn lapid © Caro Knapp

You released a short intro film of sorts when you released to love in the 21st century back in the summer about a 147-day romantic relationship that wasn’t really a relationship. If you made an updated one, with these added tracks in mind, is there any part of the storyline you would change or add to?

Lyn Lapid: Yeah, honestly I would love to broaden the story, in terms of the characters. In romantic love, there are two people, and that’s what the story is about in the first EP – but in the deluxe songs, there are a couple songs in there where I sing about platonic love between friends. I feel like that kind of love is just as important as romantic love.

So honestly, I would love to give a spotlight to that kind of love and friendships like that. ‘Cause friends are the ones that you talk to about your romantic love and they get through breakups or any part of your relationship that’s good or bad. I really want to give a spotlight into that as well. The story that I told is based off a true story, and my friends were heavily involved in that, supporting me in things that went wrong and things that went well.

Speaking of platonic love… Breaking down the new tracks, “july” is about your friends in your hometown. How does friendship and homesickness fit into this universe you created?

Lyn Lapid: I feel like, when everything was happening in real time, I would call my friends back home a lot and they got me through a lot of things before. But it was different this time ‘cause we were literally on opposite ends of the country. And things felt different, even though we were relatively close and we were still calling and everything but distance is a really weird thing that does test the strongest kinds of relationships. I kind of wanted to write about that and how going through the first part of the EP, I found myself wanting to be comforted and surrounded by people who love me and that was my friends back in my hometown.

As for “could’ve been you,” can you tell us about the creation of that track and why you chose it to close the epilogue?

Lyn Lapid: I think it’s really interesting cause I ended the first part with “Okay With It” which was a track that came from a place of being healed after the situationship ended. And excepting that relationship starts and it ends and you part ways and you never talk to that person again and that’s fine cause that’s just how things are. But I ended the deluxe with “could’ve been you” also from a place of being healed already. It’s not so much coming from a place where you miss that person and you want them to be in your life again, but it’s just that weird melancholy feeling where you wonder if things have gone right would that person been the one.

I read that back when you released the EP, your favorite track was “like you want me to.” Now that you have released this deluxe edition, has that changed?

Lyn Lapid: I feel like I have favorite tracks for the first part of the EP and then I have favorite ones for the deluxe. Now with all these songs, I can’t pit them against each other and pick only one favorite! “Like you want me to” is probably still my favorite one from the first part of the release, but I would say “east side” is my favorite song from the deluxe.

How about your favorite lyric from the EP? Does it come from that song or is it something else?

Lyn Lapid: Honestly, I have so many. Oh my gosh. In the second verse of “okay with it” when I wrote, “why be at odds with my sanity by arguing with reality.” The song is about not forcing a situationship to work and letting things go. I felt like that line was one of my favorites from the whole EP, ’cause it says all that in that one line!

If someone is learning about you through this interview right now, should that be the song that they listen to first, or is there a song of yours you think first-time listeners should listen to before the rest of your discography?

Lyn Lapid: Oh that’s a good question. Honestly, “east side.” When the EP was almost coming to a close, I was trying to find little parts that were missing. I was considering “east side” for the first part of the EP. At that time, I was in a space sonically where I was trying to find a new direction for my music and try new things out. I was in a very experimental stage of music making back then. I felt like “east side” was the exact direction I wanted to take my music. I intend to take that direction with my future music as well, so “east side” is a really good gauge for my music sonically and lyrically.

You are known for your impeccable storytelling within your songwriting. When writing these songs do you have a method on how you weave the story together?

Lyn Lapid: Usually when I start songs it starts from a theme or a feeling that I want to write about. Based of those feelings, I come up with chords or someone that I am writing with comes up with chords that I feel like encompasses that feeling and I sing a random melody over it. Then I put lyrics to that melody. That is kind of my process for songwriting.

As a storyteller, when you create these projects, do you automatically think about creating a universe around it the way you did for this EP?

Lyn Lapid: The storytelling part of this EP where I wanted it to be this one story in this one universe was kind of new for me actually. With my first EP, The Outsider, I kind of wanted to have songs that fit a certain theme but for this one it was different cause it tied around one story and certain characters. And that was new to me, but I discovered when I released this EP, I loved that kind of stuff cause it made the project so cohesive.

lyn lapid © Caro Knapp
lyn lapid © Caro Knapp

You are a talented songwriter and have so much under your belt, but I’m sure you have other singers that inspire you. What is a song, by any artist, that in another universe you wish you wrote?

Lyn Lapid: There is this one song called “Blue” by Kamal. I feel like his sound and his songs lyrically are so cool. Every single lyric he writes, in that song especially is so real and all his lyrics just make sense to me in my brain. I just love his songwriting and I love that song. I really wish I wrote that song.

You’ve had a whirlwind of a career since “Producer Man” blew up until now and you had to navigate this new world. Do you have a personal milestone that you’re most proud of?

Lyn Lapid: Playing my first headline run was probably the biggest milestone for me. Because i was an artist that started on social media during quarantine. Playing live was such an alien concept to me and I never would have imagined when I started out that I would be playing my songs and playing in cities I’ve never been to and people singing the songs back at me. It was just such a wild concept to me. When I finally got to see that happen, it was just such a surreal feeling. I feel like tour went by so fast cause I was having so much fun. It’s probably why performing is my favorite part of what I do. Because seeing physical faces and seeing people interact with you is kind of a full circle moment for me.

Going along with that, do you have something you wish to accomplish? A personal bucket list item or career goal?

Lyn Lapid: I was thinking about that today! This is so random, but I am a very big fan of figure skating and if any famous skaters were to use one of my songs for their program, I would die!

Finally, do you have a message for Atwood readers that might be discovering you for the first time as well as your fans reading this?

Lyn Lapid: I am so excited for anyone new to find me and my music. I am kind of all over the place with my music so there is a very large variety in my discography that I have to offer. And to my fans, I hope I can see you soon at my shows, at cities I can visit in the very near future. I am just excited to continue to play music live and make new music and keep going on living the dream!

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Since sitting down with Atwood Magazine, Lapid is prepping for a new song release featuring Whethan, titled “Cruise Control” and set to drop April 29th. The EP to love in the 21st century: the epilogue is available on all streaming platforms.

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