Premiere: The Anxious Enchantment of Madelline’s Hypnotic “Ghost”

Madelline © Olivia Kopec
Madelline © Olivia Kopec
A deep, entrancing cry for connection, Madelline’s hypnotic “Ghost” is a poignant, empowered anthem about finding calm in chaos and comfort in solitude.
Stream: “Ghost” – Madelline
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In a crowded room, it never felt more alone…

Nothing explains the basic human need to socialize better than the torment of isolation. Whereas we all require alone time for reflection, thought, and personal growth, we struggle when left to our own devices for prolonged periods. We thrive through mutual connection, understanding, and support. Solitude – whether physical or emotional – takes its toll on a mind, body, and spirit by preventing access to these crucial keys to life.

But sometimes we need to be alone, in order to figure things out – and that means making sacrifices and finding clever ways to sustain ourselves through our loneliness. A deep, entrancing cry for connection, Madelline’s hypnotic “Ghost” is a poignant, empowered anthem about finding calm in chaos, and comfort in solitude.

Ghost - Madelline
Ghost – Madelline
I’m tired of pouring drinks
from an empty cup
‘Cause this style of life
drags me down and spits me up
I’m lost without a map
Searching for your approval
‘Cause we’re still so off
When all the lights come on

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Madelline’s sophomore single “Ghost,” independently out March 22, 2019. Debuting last September with the musically dark, emotionally heavy “Wish I Could See,” Madelline is well on her way to establishing herself as a subtle, yet raw emotional provocateur: A veritable force of musical nature. The Montreal by-way-of Connecticut artist weaves a tapestry of sultry, modern R&B tinged with the weight of April showers: Those warm weather pourings whose cloud bursts feel like a cathartic, welcome relief – rather than the usual downpour.

Sometimes it helps to feel all of the feels: Soaking in Madelline’s ambient intimacy, we have a chance at catharsis. Soulfully bittersweet, “Ghost” finds the young artist soulfully lamenting her state of emotional isolation, whilst at the same time finding the strength to soldier on through it, hold her head up, and stay her course. It’s a moving melancholy soirée, and Madelline lies in the center: A broken mess, hopeful that one day she’ll be whole.

Madelline © Olivia Kopec
Madelline © Olivia Kopec
get used to being alone
get used to being alone
is on repeat in my head…
feeling kind of lonely lately
feeling like no one knows me lately
feeling kind of ghostly lately
does anyone even notice I’m not here?

“‘Ghost’ is about social anxiety. But most importantly, it is an anthem about finding a sense of calm surrounding solitude and loneliness,” Madelline tells Atwood Magazine. “The get used to being alone voices in unison represent a mantra to repeat to yourself. The get used to being alone voices are like a reminder to myself to find beauty in embracing my present circumstances. I truly believe life is all about making peace with your journey.”

“Stefano Pando produced the track and we arranged it as we went. I had sent him a bunch of music that I was into, and he made some beats. I went into the studio with a rough melody and freestyled over it. I think freestyling is awesome because it lets a lot of things come up from the subconscious.”

Most importantly, it is an anthem about finding a sense of calm surrounding solitude and loneliness.

Refreshingly experimental and all-encompassingly immersive, “Ghost” compels us to close our other senses and focus our full attention on its expansive soundscape and stimulating lyrics. It’s Madelline’s strongest statement yet: An alluring message of incompleteness and fragility that seeks to find strength in a vulnerable emotional state, without sugarcoating hardship or simplifying anxiety.

We may very well lose ourselves in “Ghost,” a song about being okay with feeling a little lost. Stream Madelline’s sophomore single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Ghost” – Madelline
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Ghost - Madelline

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