Video Premiere: Love Games Get Real on “Magician” by JAHS & Miranda Glory

JAHS feat Miranda Glory 2017
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Love is certainly a game – one we cannot help but coming back to again and again. We long for it; we pine for it; we need it – badly. Sultry and sweet, “Magician” finds JAHS and Miranda Glory laying everything on the line in a warm, electronically seductive display of desire.

Baby you’re like a magician
Playing tricks on my mind,
but I like the way we lie
It keeps me hoping keeps me wishing
That the shit you say is real
oh baby what’s the deal
Watch: “Magician” – JAHS & Miranda Glory

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Magician,” a powerful fusion of electronic dance and pop music that brings together the multifaceted Los Angeles producer JAHS and the incredibly talented R&B/soul artist Miranda Glory. JAHS’ music has been previously described as “pop leaning with a mixture of influencing styles accompanied by clever lyrics that speak to the heart,” and “Magician” finds the artist bolstering that identity with a touching, evocative release that tears at our heartstrings.

Much of that has to do with the dynamic relationship between Miranda Glory and the surrounding insrumental. After graduating from Berklee School of Music in 2017, Glory has dabbled in songwriting retreats and sessions with writers and producers of everyone from Fifth Harmony to Enrique Iglesias, MNEK, and Eminem. Earlier this year she released her debut single “Blue Eyes” with Matty Owens, which accentuates her voice and its ability to melt seamlessly into a vivid, bubbling soundscape. It’s no wonder she’s “lowkey, tryna be the female Drake” and that she calls herself “chillranda” on socials; the title fits – and to date, “Blue Eyes” has over 85,000 SoundCloud streams. It’s an impressive debut, and “Magician” is a more than appropriate follow-up.

Magician - JAHS, Miranda Glory
Magician – JAHS, Miranda Glory
Cuz I don’t wanna love you
If it’s only for a weekend
I don’t wanna wake up
In an empty pair of sheets
and I don’t wanna see you
If you keep on disappearin
You’re just a fantasy
Can you be real with me
Baby you’re like a magician

Absolutely enthralling, “Magician” draws us in with Glory’s high, subtle vocal inflections and tender lyricism. “I started writing “Magician” on acoustic guitar, and the other day I found the original voice memo I made when I wrote the first verse,” she reflects. “It was so amazing to see how far the song has come since then. JAHS electronic style and production took it to a whole other level while still maintaining the integrity of the song.”

Integrity is a key word when describing music of the pop genre: Either you got it, or you don’t, and Miranda Glory most certainly has it. Her music maintains an unnaturally human quality, invoking the confusingly cohesive mix of heartache and joy that we so naturally associate with love and desire. The object of her eye, the magician, has a spell on her – and whether or not that person is a fantasy, Glory describes this need to have him/her be real. Love is a game, but you can’t fake it. Either you’re in, or you’re out.

you’re my favorite premonition
Got me feelin all wrong
But I still don’t want you gone
I can’t help but love you
When you say that you mean it
I wanna wake up with you lying next to me
I know that you’ve been lying
but I don’t wanna believe it

Magician still - JAHS, Miranda Glory

Magician still - JAHS, Miranda Glory

That point is made explicitly clear in the duet’s music video, a blur of light contrast and color manipulation that captures the elusiveness of Glory’s magician. She’s trying to run toward him while he eludes her, dressed in mysterious garb that seems to act as an invisibility cloak – thus he sees her in all her vulnerability, whilst she seems nothing. It’s the perfect, quite literal metaphor for the interplay between two hearts.

A terrific collaboration that exercises the best in both parties, “Magician” has the beauty and scope to be a crossover hit – reaching everyone from the club scene, to the workout crew, to commuters and beyond. It’s loud, it’s creative, and it’s fresh.


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Magician - JAHS, Miranda Glory

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